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Private Stock Steak & Seafood

Country United States
State Pennsylvania
City Lemoyne
Address 1061 Columbus Ave
Phone 717-635-8916

Private Stock Steak & Seafood Reviews

  • Dec 3, 2015

On November 10, 2015, a young man showed up at my door claiming to be the boss's son from Private Stock Steak & Seafood. I had occasionaly bought meat from these folks over the past few years from a series of different guys.

This guy told me that Mathew Daggett was out in the truck, but had had a fall or something and could not walk very well. I purchased some pork roasts and wanted a couple of boxes of hamburgers, which he did not have with him.

He took my check for $125 and promised to be back the following Monday morning with the hamburgers. It is now December 2, and I still have not seen the hamburgers, nor have I been contacted about a refund.

I wrote a check in payment because I was told that if I paid with a credit card, the purchase would cost more because of the overhead incurred by the company. From my bank records, I found out that this guy (or guys) must have left my house and immediately gone to my bank a few miles away and cashed the check. It was signed "Mathew Daggett."

I plan to contact the State Police near where I live and report this theft.

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