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Priority One Clearing Services LLC

Country United States
State Colorado
City Indian Hills
Address 5510 Parmalee Gulch PO Box 376
Phone (727) 443-2200

Priority One Clearing Services LLC Reviews

  • Aug 5, 2015

Priority One Clearing House Indian Hills Colorado

A shady looking guy came to our door trying to sell magazines for charities to get points. And this was at my family's house in another state. About a month or so ago a similar looking guy came to my house in my state trying to sell magazines. They both had the same tactics. The whole thing looks shady. On your website, the address for the offices on google maps shows some place in Colorado. That seems normal, but on street view it doesn't really look professional. And the website is registered to someone in Clearwater, FL. Every time I see or hear about the people you have selling magazines door to door, it's always a really shady looking individual who acts overly friendly, doesn't take no for an answer, demands to come inside, travels with other shady looking individuals in unprofessional vehicles. The individuals selling the magazines carry wrinkled flyers and seem nice but the moment they can't make a sale they immediately become disinterested, unkind, and try to leave before someone can find out more information. When the individual is questioned about legitimacy the person is directed to talk on the phone to their "higher up" which is just another unprofessional looking individual. When contacted, the charities in question have no idea who these people selling magazines are. It looks like a scam. It probably is a scam. Even if it wasn't, it's ugly business practice and you have terrible employees. Chase Springfield, Illinois

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