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Primo Classics International LLC

Country United States
State Florida
City Lakeland
Address 611 Alicia Rd
Phone 727-361-8026

Primo Classics International LLC Reviews

  • Oct 21, 2019

I traded my 1964 Chevy SS for a 1964 Ford Galaxy which was advertised with selected pics I paid way more than I wanted I also sent all pics requested of my Chevy. I was told by the Salesman that my part of transportin would be roughly $400 and it was $1050. I received the Ford and find, the dash cracked, floor boards full of water due to bad top seal. I vacuumed of a gallon of water out. The power seat doesn't work, the heater core is bad the sun visers are cracked, the seat is torn. The engine dept guards are rotten. I bought this car expecting one that was restored and find that the work done is basically cosmetic. I am older with new Knees and daily cancer treatments. I was told by the Salesman that my Chevy was just a driver. I just phoned him and proposed that we try and trade back, knowing it would cost me. He says they have already began work on my trade and refused to considerer it. I guess it is an expensive lesson that I am just not smart enough to deal with Primo Classics. I am sick and more than a little disappointed.

  • May 23, 2019

They sold me this car and stated the car was restored to the highest standards and so they lied about it. I ask if it had any bondo and they said no but the quarters on both sides are full of bondo, they said it had new quarters but they are fabricated sheet metal, plus the transmission leaked , the gas gauge was not working, the motor ran like crap when I got it.

The 2 front tires was almost bald. The rear windshield is all scratched up beyond repair, plus the rear windows will not roll down and both door windows are also scratched. The rear main seal leaked. Since I have owned it I had to put new tires all around it, have the transmission repaired for the leak, plus had a rear main seal put in.

I ask for my money back but they only offered to consign it for me and I live 1,000 miles away, lol. I have put over 2,000.00 in repairs to get it mechanically running right, but it will cost thousands of dollars to repair the quarters.

At this point I would just be happy if they would just give me the money I have put into it to make it run right because I know I will never see the money to have the quaters done right. Please read before you buy.. May God Bless!

  • May 29, 2018

I bought a classic car from Primo International in October 2017, based on a youtube video that they show. The narrator represents the car as "fully restored.ITwo weeks ago I got delivery of the car. Immediately I saw that the car was never ever taken care of. The next day i took the car to my mechanic and so far I have spent $2,500.00 in repairs just to get the running safely. The whole front end had to be redone, It needed a tune up and lots of other work. The car is still in the shop. The rubber on the windshield wipers were hanging on bya thread. I noticed in the still pictures that were sent to me that the interior was dirty, they said they would take care of it. The inside of the trunk looked rudty in the piocure, i was told they would take care of it.Before the car was going to be shipped to me I spoke to a salesgirl and asked to make sure everything was in order, so that i dont have any problems with car.I even asked if i would need an oil change. She assured me "that the car was in perfect condition".The wiring under the dashboard was haging down. The mechanic just called me as i write this report, that to fix the wiring will be $300.00-$400.00.

Primo classics are guilty of fraud. I learned a very costly lesson and I wasnt to make the public aware, so that no one gets conned like I did.

  • Apr 13, 2018

I found a classic auto on Ebay but did not win the bid. Contacted Primo (Dan) by phone and purchased the car. Dan assured me that there were no issues with the car. Everything was operational and in perfect condition. Erin told me that the delay in shipping (all my payments and paperwork were finished) was due to their mechanics combing the car bumper to bumper making sure everything was perfect. The car was delivered.

Upon inspection I discovered : Non functional radio, 1 power window did not work, interior light switch in door broken, 7 exterior lights needed replaced, no trunk light or socket, poorly functioning engine (bad need of at least a tune up). There was more. I called Primo and was assured the matter would be addressed. Haven't heard from them since. DO NOT EVER DEAL WITH PRIMO CLASSICT INT'L!!!

  • Aug 4, 2017

I purchaced a 1973 Cadillac Eldorado from Primo Classics, as i live quite far away from the dealership i bought it based on photographs and the dealers description of the condition, i made the payment and flew down a few weeks later to pick up the vehicle, the body of the car looked to be in great condition but i could not tell about the unseen things,

I had only pullled out of the dealership when i realized that the gas tank was completely empty and it was running on fumes and the windhield washer was bone dry too, i though that this was a very unproffessional way to hand over a vehicle,

I intend for the car to stay in the central Florida area so i decided to drive it to my destination, on the way i descovered numerous problems with the vehicle, its kept stalling at lights,i had difficulty re starting it, i put up the convertabile top only to descover that the mechanism was broken and wouldnt close properly, there were also some small holes in the fabric which leaked water, the air conditioning did not work, the radio did not work, the power seats would not opperate, the keys supplied would not open or lock the doors and the trunk,

I had a mechanic check it out and he discovered much more internal problems too neumerous to list,

i contected Erin at Primo who i had most of my dealings with, she was very helpfull as she had been all along and forwarded my complaint to the person who sold me the car ( i cannot remember his name) i never heard from him so i contacted Erin again, this time she put me in touch with the owner Steve who did get back to me, he seemed genuinly surprised that the car had left his lot this way and i was left to understand that he would do something about it, i sent him my list of everything that was wrong with the car and waited for a responce that never came,

I contacted Erin again and she passed on the message to Steve who did call me back but half way through our conversation he said that something had came up and he would call me right back,

i have not heard from him since, i have sent emails and left messages but he will not get back to me,

i have since instructed my mechanic to make all the repairs as i cannot wait on Primo to correct this any longer, i would like to warn anyone who is thinking of buying a vehicle from these people to make sure they get it checked over by a profesional before they pass over any money, as once this company gets their payment they dont want to know anymore,

Better still, buy your vehicle from a reputible company who stands by their cars and makes sure that they are in opperatable condition before they put them up for sale,

  • Feb 7, 2017

Arranged for the sale of classic car with Sales Manager Derek. Signed contract and made contingent upon mechanics inspection; Derek said a deposit was not necessary until after inspection. Inspection revealed substandard body work which would have to be repaired in near future and was not part of vehicle description. I talked to Derek and adjusted my offer based on the mechanics findings. After fairly rude conversation Derek said he would 'talk to the owner' and get back to me.

He accepted my revised offer at about 4:15 on Friday afternoon and sent me revised contract. I told him I was at work and would send signed contract and wire funds on Monday morning which he indicated was fine. Got an e-mail on Sunday evening telling me that they had sold car on Friday night. BOTTOM LINE: had a contract and deal for car, paid for inspection, had a revised contract and verbal agreement, got a message saying car sold to somebody else.

I find this behavior unethical and impossible to justifiy for a company that wants to do business on the internet, I would advise buyers to steer well clear of this company due to a basic lack of integrity.

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