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Prime Global Source

Country United States
State Utah
City Orem
Address 1349 W 760 N
Phone 801-727-3601

Prime Global Source Reviews

  • May 12, 2019

Prime global source Pgs) executes deceptive and unfair practices in advertising and selling me intentionally deficient services for building an online e-commerce business. After securing nearly $22.500 from me, pgs became unresponsive and failed to provide the services it had promised.

In addition, it showed a sophisticated, proprietary arbitrage software during paid workshops that did not deliver on the capabilities once purchased. Pgs's representatives advertising in both print and verbal form are misleading, false and unattainable, which is further demonstrated by pgs's failure to respond to phone calls or emails when asked to deliver on their promised services. Had pgs provided the truth about its services, i would not have purchased them. Therefore i am seeking a refund of $19.997 charged by them to my credit cards.

Unfortunately, it was only after experiencing these deceptive practices that i researched pgs and found a multitude of similar complaints filed with the better business bureau, scamion, amazon forums, and other scam forums. These complaints describe the same experiences including being deceived into purchasing these intentionally deficient services.

On august 8, 2018, pgs hosted a 2-hour free seminar at embassy suites, phoenix, az on how to become an e-commerce business and amazon seller, which i attended. The ultimate purpose of this workshop was to sell the participants a pgs membership which provided a number of services, including, but not limited to 8 weeks of one-on-one coaching sessions, access to amitrage A proprietary software), support line, weekly webinars, and other digital resources. On the same day, i signed up for a 3-day pgs workshop on how to become a successful amazon seller for $995.

I attended this 3-day workshop and at the end pgs offered, actually it was more like a hard sell approach, different levels of memberships, starting at $19.997 up to $39.997. I ended up signing an enrollment form for the professional seller membership, which was original $29.997 at a discounted price of only $19.997. What was i thinking???

This membership included 8 weeks of one on one strategic coaching sessions with an e-commerce expert who i was assured will help get my business off the ground as quickly as possible through three main stages and access to the mentor support line for the daily little questions, and weekly webinars. "sophisticated, automated arbitrage software to scan 400+ websites; supply chain sourcing; digital resource center; e-commerce marketing and advertising plans, live webinars, boot camps, updated wholesalers' list and much more.

A few days later i received an email from a startup specialist informing me that as a pgs member i was entitled to a free tax consultation where they will guide me through the tax code of writing-off workshop related expensed, protect my investment and determine and set up the best legal entity for my business. Later i received a phone call telling me that the cost for the legal help to create the legal entity would be $1495 Not free as they said), but that i would have my arizona llc ready and running in a week or so.

I paid and received an invoice from creating wealth institute which surprised me because i thought i was doing business with pgs. I received a welcome email, but short of this, i have never heard back from them even though i made various attempts to contact them via email and left several voice messages on the provided phone number.

In total, i spent $22.487 for which i have received no real services, support or any of the promised membership benefits, or supposed "sophisticated" proprietary software which was merely a chrome browser extension.

The wholesalers' list was not updated. Most websites didn't exist. Domain names had been on sale for a while, leading me to believe that these weren't actual companies that i could use nor were the supply chain ready.

The only coaching session i had was of any value, as it only approached the basic software usage, something that was already extensively addressed during the workshop. Coincidentally the software was not working even for the expert. I mentioned my concerns to him. He had no answer but offered an it person would contact me; however, after many calls and emails, i had no answer.

The mentor support line was unresponsive.

The legal entity setup and tax assessment didn't happen. I never heard from this company again after i paid $1.495 plus $85 for filing fees that i was never informed of.

To make the story short, i will provide all the details to my lawyer, i emailed the coach who sold me the membership. She said she will get to the bottom of it. Never heard from her again. Several times i emailed the whole team asking for clarification of services and products. None of my concerns were addressed.

Finally, i requested a refund due to their failures. Of course, it was denied saying there were no refunds and it was all my fault due to my request to communicate with me via email cause i work at a facility where i cannot answer my cell phone and i rather read and have evidence of communications. I was eager to communicate with them since i was the one who invested all that money but they say it was a "phone tag situation".

I requested to talk to a manager or someone who could answer my concerns or have the power to make decisions, as grant me a refund. This was on october 30th. I never heard back from them except a couple of weeks ago when they emailed me asking if "i need any further paid services regarding coaching sessions, master mentorship program, product sourcing or arbitrage software renewal and to share my success story with them". They've got some nerve!

I wasn't even able to access my supposed membership again. I didn't exist in their system. It is true that i signed an enrolment form, which has only one signature: mine, but where or which are my rights as a consumer if they haven't provided me with any services or products? Do they just have the right to keep my money?

I consider they misrepresented their services and products to be provided and the results of the programs, selling coaching services that are not worth the real services or products and that's why i think it's fair to receive a refund from them and make other people aware of their unfair and deceptive practices. Actually, all the information you need to become an amazon seller is in amazon's seller university and it's free.

I'm definitely hiring a lawyer!!

By the way, check this: - pgs, also registered as creating wealth institute is related to a robert g. Allen scam which has hundreds of complaints about the same matter. Just recently, amazon filed a civil lawsuit against this group.

  • Nov 21, 2018

They had a Speaker and financial advisor/CPA name Gene Dinger that presented us all these steps during the 3 days coaching. We also had to pay $1,000 for the 3 days coaching that they provided teaching about how the company Prime Global will help us make money.

After a month signing up classes with the company and coaching, I was able to get my credit cards and they asked for the payments immediately. I did not have $30,000 with me, so I was only able to pay $20,000 that promised 4 products for my Amazon to start selling and making profits. My coach/mentor known as Derick had 16 sessions with me with no yield, no product, he was not competent, did not know or care about me and my amazon aspirations. He suggested and approved a product that was patented by someone else on amazon. Amazon got wind of that product and now I am suspended indefinitely from selling on Amazon. That means chances of me making back my money will not be happening anytime soon. Prime Global took that away forever, because amazon views me as a fraud now.

I complained to them about this and they used a different coach named Carl Avery to make a drop shipping store using Shopify because Amazon was out of question. I did everything I was supposed to do for additional 10 session but nothing came back. I only spend monthly subscription and advertisement money to try drive traffic to my store with no result for my drop shipping store. I made farther complaints about it that I am stuck and frustrated, it had been 10 months already with no positive sales. I asked them for refund but they refused and they do not intend to get me going. I called another fellow that I went with to the event 9 months earlier and signed the same day and he actually told me that he is stuck with $30,000 grand to pay. They left him alone with nothing.

My only conclusion is that the company is a fraud for providing poor service, using outdated resources that do not compete with the current events to teach on their websites. They lied and provided false advertisement. I never got my 4 products to list on Amazon that they promised they would give me, nobody was there to provide clear answers as to why this was happening, and the program they used to teach classes on amazon were all outdated. Even the drop shipping classes were not updated.

Now they are quiet even after calling and asking for refund and am left with no amazon account to move forward and I am feeling robbed and cheated which is what happened and they are doing it to a lot of other people out there. I would urge anyone to please not join and learn from my bad experience.

  • Mar 9, 2018

They promise you they can refund you back the money you've registered but in reality they'll reason out that you signed up for a contract that within 72hrs of not in contact with them the refund will be forfeited. In this case the 72hrs is beyond what other companies offer only for 24hrs giving chances & allowances for abrupt unavoidable circumstances or emergencies. This is unfair considering that they're claiming to be a successful but what I think is maybe because of this workshops they organize to get the income they're most craving of. I'm so skeptical about what they're promoting if they do get more out of it if they do they won't be that greedy enough not to forgive others who didn't even received any emails from them but lied to you that they did only thru phone & texts but what if your phone got issues of course it was so inconvenient to the customer or client but still they're not convinced they're hard hearted to stand by the contract of 72hrs you've signed up for. BEWARE of this CONTRACTS & this Company!

  • Feb 27, 2018

I attended Prime Global Source 3 day workshop in Miami.

From the day one I felt the hard sale of a consept that we can not do Amazon business ourselves. Which is not true as everyone is different but they assume if we are at the worshop it's because we need Prime Global Source.

The workshop was very similar to Robert Kiosaki seminar on How to Grow Rich, Assets Protection and Creative Financing. The only difference at this seminar the trainer was not qualified to teach these advance topics. And I didn't sign up for that - I signed up to be trained on how to sell on Amazon - which they spent very little time on.

At the day two they presented to us their membership packages, which were very overpriced. Day three was cut short as many people didn't show up.

I contacted company to get a refund - was told absolutly no. If I were to start all over - I would never attend the free seminar and for sure would never pay $995 for the 3 days wasted weekend.

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