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  • Jan 10, 2021

Over the last few months I was using Priceline every time I traveled. I will no longer use them. DO NOT trust that they are going to do right by you. I used the VIP hotels offered and did not have any complaints. I decided to try the Priceline Deal where they show you 3 hotels for one price. One of the hotels included was the one I had stayed at on my last 3 trips to GA since October 2020. I traveled once a month and stayed 5-7 days. each trip. So I have spent significant money using Priceline. It is a scam.

The hotel I got requires me to pay $10 a day for parking. There was no deal when you add in the parking fees. I was ignorant to believe that my business mattered to Priceline. Priceline says they cannot control the hotels. In order for them to offer deals they are working with the hotels so they know exactly what they are doing. If you attempt to use that lowest deal trust and believe that you will get the hotel that you least likely would choose. Priceline has lost a customer.

  • Apr 5, 2020

On 12/30/2019 I made a car rental reservation with Thrifty Car rentals through Priceline. Due to the corona virus and the travel restrictions that the President and several states have imposed, it is impossible for to honor this reservation.

I have asked for a refund or travel credit but was denied. At aime like this when people are suffering and dying from this pandemic, I think it is unconscionable that Priceline would act this way in a time of crisis.

  • Mar 29, 2020

Paid $309. for expressdeal on priceline for car rental for a trip planned wedding in florida that got cancelled because of covid-19. Called priceline and they would not give a refund or credit because of contractual obligations with thrifty car rental. Called thrifty car rental and they said priceline does not pay thrifty anything until the car is picked up and that if i had prepaid thrifty they would have refunded or credited me.

priceline just wants to steal the money and uses thrifty as a foil. beware of priceline as they r ripoff artist. never prepay anything and never use priceline as they r a RIPOFF. good expensive lesson for me but plan on telling as many as possible that priceline will rip u off if they get a opportunity to with prepaid car rentals.

  • Jan 30, 2020

I usually can rely on Priceline to find me the best deals on hotels, but they scammed me this time.

Priceline system offered me an Express deal in Vestal, N.Y. at a 3 star hotel for a very reasonable price. Express deals are booked blind - you don't know the hotel until you've booked and paid. But the system hinted that I've stayed there before.

Great. I've stayed at two hotels in Vestal. A Hampton Inn which is a gorgeous property, and a Quality Inn which was VERY much less than stellar and my wife made me swear never to book her into such a place again. I made a calculated decision. You guessed it, the booking turned out to be the Quality Inn which is most definitely NOT a 3 star property =misleading advertising. Strike One.

Contacted Priceline immediately to cancel. I can't take my wife for her birthday surprise to a low end hotel. The agent hummed and hawed and said I need to call their Flight Reservation department to discuss the booking. We aren't flying anywhere, but OK. Strike Two.

Long story short, no cancellations allowed. You're stuck with your booking, no mercy. Strike Three and I'm out cuz I'm certainly not staying in that hotel even if you pay me. Priceline definitely not customer oriented.

But the good news is I booked a room at the Hampton anyway and looking forward to our stay there, but no thanks to the folks at Priceline.

  • Nov 17, 2019

Priceline I booked a vacation package for 455.00 after I booked the package they told me the flight and hotel was unavailable but not only did they charge my card and took the money out of my account and never booked my package they overcharged me and took 630.00 out of my account now they telling me I have to wait a week before I can get my money back.Priceline is a total fraud and they have false advertising..

  • Sep 24, 2019

I attempted to make a hotel reservation with Priceline and was declined four times. I was on the way to the hotel, so when I got there I used another form of payment to pay for my room. The next morning I received a confirmation for the room that I attempted to reserve...meaning sometime after I logged offline, Priceline went ahead and charged my card that it had declined 4 times before.

I called several times to have my funds applied back to my card. The last person who was supposed to be a supervisor: Marco;5260422, said you will not be getting your money back. We: Me, My Family, My Company would use price as first choice to book trips, vacations, cruises ect. There is a lot of money that Priceline made through us.

NOT another copper penny. NEVER AGAIN. Right is right and wrong is wrong. And I will spread the word.

  • Jul 17, 2019

On July 9th, I used the app to find a car rental in Miami, FL. Knowing Priceline guarantees lowest prices, I felt I would have no issues finding the lowest price in the area. The displayed some choices, of which I chose Fox Car rental, which happens to be outside the airport and one needs to get out, take a shuttle to get to their building (I am guessing is the reason for their lower prices).

I chose an economy car, and with insurance and taxes, the total came to about 38. I was happy with it. I felt it was booked, done and my car would be waiting for me. I found out to my dismay once I took the shuttle all the way to the airport that they claimed my "economy" vehicle was not available. As a result they would have to upgrad me to a standard vehicle. They charged me extra for the upgrade when I felt they should not have charged me since this was their problem not mine.

Their upgrade was to a small Toyotal Corola which I do not consider "standard size sedan" it is pretty small. They also informed me that although I had paid extra on the priceline app for insurance that it did not really cover my car and they had me jump through hoops, showing them documents of my own insurnace or they would not let me take the car out. They had me sign all kinds of liability papers, making the whole experience very awkward.

I was quite upset that my price jumped up over 50 dollars and that my insurance I paid for was not really covering me. This to me is a perfect form of false advertisement and lack of quality control between and the companies it uses. I am very dissatisfied and feel this is unacceptable. What is more, when I tried their customer care on their website, there is NO way to find an actual live number, and on their chat program, the person supposedly doing the chat support with me blew me off, saying they have no policy to give me a refund or credit.

They said they may email me with a coupon toward my future purchase as if I would ever use them again. I am posting on all my social media letting them know NOT to use and certainly not use fox rental services.

  • May 7, 2019

THIS IS A SCAM AND MONEY GRAB. The company has poor/non existent customer service, customer communication and/or invoicing to support billing, and no product return instructions. The online focus is to get your credit card information and auto-bill you monthly. Additionally, when they AUTOMATICALLY take money from your account from a company name that does not match the products.

So it looks like this company stopped one product scam and started saw a new one. I signed up, added my debit card information to cover the shipping (only). I received the products. I cancelled immediately to ensure my debit card was not charged after the trial period (the product take 7 days to arrive, but the trial starts the day you order the free trial).

Needless to say, even though I cancelled immediately, 14 days later my account was charged by two different companies; and Overlea Green Coffee for $89.97 and $88.97, the product were auto shipped without and invoice with the amounts charged to my card. I received, no email notification.

When I called the 800# that included on the debit transaction on my bank transaction (on weekends) a cryptic message plays and I was disconnected. These charges continued for 4 months! Over $897 in charges, along with a random charge of $8.90 on March 28, 2019 that was followed by another charge of $89.97 (again no invoices to support the charges they freely made to my account).

I finally had to cancel my debit card used to pay for shipping. I had no idea what these large amount were for since I never ordered Garcinia Green Coffee products. The last package I received, I noticed a Customer Service Number on the Address 800-670-0564, so I called it (apparently it only works Monday-Friday between specific hours).

I requested the address to return the products for a full refund. They tried to talk me into keeping the products at a reduced cost. Please note: I have not received the second product. They did not give me the return mail address or provide instructions. I have not opened the products they sent and will return the products to the sender.

Said they would provide a refund for the last month, but not for anything over 30 days is non refundable, even if the packages were unopened, none of the packages were opened, except for the free trial product. I did not like the product, I can buy comparable products for a FRACTION of the costs (Roc and Neutrogena), not sure why anyone would pay $178+ per month (every 30 days!) for this product. Overpriced and a money grab!

  • Apr 23, 2019

PRICELINE I booked a vacation for 4 days with round trip airfare, hotel and car. I paid the agreed price that states on the Priceline website includes air, car, hotel plus fees and taxes. When I got home I received a bill from the car rental company. Priceline says call Alamo, Alamo says call Priceline.

A complete fraud on the public. Not what I agreed to, not what their offer said it included, cost me an additional $480 and is completely opposite from what their site offered. Consumer Ripoff.

Falsely advertised the vacation package as all inclusive on costs for air, hotel, and car. It was not yet took my money. San Angelo TX

  • Jan 9, 2019

I was overcharged for services

  • Jan 2, 2019

My complaint is two fold: The Rodeway Inn in conjunction with has found a loop hole whereby they can obfuscate the room deposit fee in the website, so that it is not obvious to the buyer without first clicking out of the transaction page or expanding a link located outside the immediate itemized list of charges/fees, that by submitting the authorization to process the credit card payment, does NOT guarantee the fulfillment of all fees required to complete the reservation and thereby does not guarantee the reservation. has streamlined the reservation process and makes it very easy to quickly book a room, but at the expense of not clearly disclosing all REQUIRED fees for a particular hotel. What works for one hotel in Priceline, clearly doesn’t work for all hotels. For example: If you book a room for Extended Stay tonight and you book another room at Rodeway Inn for the following night, both via Priceline, and let’s assume each hotel charges you the exact same amount of $60 in total.

Which as it turns out works out perfectly because all you have is $145. When you check-in to the Extended Stay all goes well, the clerk takes an imprint of your credit card but doesn’t charge you a deposit at check-in, you stay the night and sleep well. However, upon checking into the Rodeway Inn the following day, the clerk tells you they require a room deposit which you don’t have and shows you the door without a refund. So now you have no room and not enough money to find new accommodations.

My second complaint is this: with regard to the handling of the request to issue a refund. It was dealt with in an unprofessional manner and made me feel as though I was being strong-armed and robbed because the clerk tells me to take it up with Priceline and then Priceline tells me they have to call the hotel, which then denies the request and denies any consessision or any part of the reservation money already paid.

It seemed as though they have had lots of practice stealing money from people due to how effortlessly and routine it felt, not to mention their, 'oh well better luck next time,’ disposition.

  • Dec 7, 2018

I fully paid for a two night reservation from Priceline and was confirmed for Embassy Suites. Three days prior to check I asked embassy suite if they could change check in to monday instead of sunday thru the next two days.......Embassy suites said call Priceline. Priceline said they could change anything even though it was 3 days prior, I said ok well I might not arrive until monday I guess you guys are just going to beat me out of my money for sunday since you cant switch.

When I arrived to Embassy suite on monday.....shockingly the front desk said priceline took my money not only for sunday but monday as well and resold the room, they made me a no show for sunday checking and ignored that I had paid for multiple days.....even if I didnt use my sunday night I had also paid for monday night. The hotel apoligized and asked me to call priceline to have reservation reinstated.....someone from the phillipeans answered and said they couldnt help, not only did they take my money andvresale room twice, but they also cost me another night I had to rebuy again.

  • Jul 18, 2018

Booked a car rental from the Dublin Airport through Priceline with Dollar car rental. Once in Dublin, found that the rental would be handled by Thrifty and billed by Hertz.

Priceline contract was for 134 euro plus add-ons. Hertz billed me 341 euro plus add-ons. I signed for and am not objecting to the add-ons but did object to the 207 euro increase in base price (plus additional tax). Thrifty and Hertz refused to honor the contract I had thru

Filed a complaint with Priceline. The original person I talked to at Priceline said this was clearly a case of over charging. However, when I received the final response from Priceline, they sided with Hertz saying only that the bill was correct.

Obviously, Priceline doesn't stand behind their contracts with their customers. From now on I will book directly with the provider - but definitely not Hertz!

  • Jul 4, 2018

Priceline and Kayak are a Rip off.......

My Priceline booking reference 147-534-573-20.

Firstly Priceline website does the booking which is not in line with what they show you at the time of booking. So for me system changed the room type from Oceanview to partial oceanview on its own.

Secondly they also said they have the Best price Guarantee but Agoda had same room for same dates at much lesser price and the difference was more than 10%. Priceline was not ready to accept that and tried to prove that their system shows their price is cheaper. I even was ready to send the PDF file as proof but they wont accept any file from outside.

Thirdly the website said you are booking a Hotel room with Flexible Cancellation until 12:00 AM on 07/14/2018 (HST) but when they printed the reservation slip it had a different cancellation policy. It said if you cancel before 23rd Jun they will allow you to cancel without any penalty otherwise you have to pay for the 1st day charges. But I have made the booking on 05th July. This is unethical

I called up the i-800- priceline number and went through harrowed experience where they apologized but were not even ready to fix the mistake in the type of the room. Nor let me cancel without a penalty of 1 night.

Firstly Kayak is at fault for trusting a website which has so many issues.

Secondly Priceline is a cimplete Rip off and will suggest everyone to be very careful with using both these online sites. I am not sure if this is true for the entire holding online sites. Priceline was a complete Rip off.

  • Jun 27, 2018

Rented a car with Priceline for a set price. Once on location the price change drastically. Priceline was no help with the baits and switch operations. Never will do business with Priceline again.

  • Mar 7, 2018

I tried to book a room on Priceline and they advertised a price that I agreed to and clicked to book room button. After entering my billing info, I was transferred to my Paypal account for billing. I authorized the billing and was transferred back to Priceline only to end up in an endless loop of my transaction was processing. After waiting for 20 minutes and getting a website not rersponding error, I clicked out of that screen only to receive a message from Priceline that the room was no longer available at the rate advertised, but if I wanted to pay $80.00 per night more, I could still get the room. I declined and checked my Paypal account only to find that although the refused to sell me the room at the advertised price, they still tied up the full cost of my booking in my Paypal account.

  • Feb 24, 2018

We recently had to cancel our trip to Kauai, Hawaii because the owner of the condo we were going to rent emailed us to tell us that he had a court order to sell his condo and would therefore need to cancel our reservation. I received the email at work on February 16 and at that point my husband and I attempted to find alternate accommodations, however, because our trip was booked for March 31, the accommodations that were available were few and far between and at a much higher cost. My husband and I made the decision to cancel and hopefully rebook at a later date. We called RBC Visa Rewards (we had booked the flight on points) and they advised that we could cancel but we would be charged a change fee by the airline and RBC Rewards in order to rebook/receive a credit. We agreed to this because at least we weren’t losing everything…

Meanwhile, I had booked a rental car on February 14 (obviously not knowing that our accommodations would be cancelled a day later). I used to get quotes and when I clicked on the link for the quotes it took me to I booked the car rental with Budget Rent a Car (I thought) and paid the full amount up front to ensure that we had a solid reservation. We received a confirmation email and thought everything was fine.

Once we had made the decision to cancel/postpone our trip, I used the link in the confirmation email to contact the rental company to advise that we wanted to cancel/change our reservation. At that point we realized that had put a clause into the rental agreement “You have been charged for this rental car reservation. Your rental car reservation is non-refundable, non-transferable and non-changeable even if the reservation is not used.” How is a company even allowed to have such a clause – if they are not providing a service or providing a product – how is this even legal. From what I can tell they only do this with car rentals.

My husband spent at least two hours on the phone with them trying to get them to be reasonable and understand that we had no intention to cancel this vacation – we were going to celebrate my retirement and my husband’s 50th birthday – we were NOT going to cancel. All they kept saying is that this is their “policy”. We asked them if they would give us a credit that could be used at a later date (as was done with our airline tickets) but they would not even consider this (we were also willing to pay a “cancellation fee”). I decided to go to social media and went to their Twitter account – I received a response back almost immediately because I posted the following:

Buyer Beware!! DO NOT USE Priceline to book rental cars. They add a no cancellation/change/refund clause to bookings. The rental car companies that Priceline is "representing" never get the money either. Priceline is scamming the customer and the business they are "representing" (I can send you the full conversation is you are interested.)

The other interesting thing is that they try to blame the rental car companies, however, the rental car companies have nothing to do with this – my husband also called Budget Rent A Car and they said that if we had booked through them directly we would have had many options – cancel, change, credit, etc… Our Visa statement was charged by Priceline Rental Car – nothing to do with Budget – so we are pretty sure that the rental car companies never see any of this money. By the way this isn’t just a one or two day rental – this was for a month so the cost to us is $1300 US ($1800 Cdn). We believe this is theft/fraud/scam. Have you ever heard of other companies having this type of non cancellation/change/refund policy? If so, how are they allowed to do this?

All we are asking is for them to do the “right” thing. Looking at their website, facebook, etc – it seems that their business model does not include any customer service – just make/steal money!

Thank you for your time and if there is anything else we can provide or you would like to discuss further, please do not hesitate to contact us.

  • Nov 30, 2017

I made a online reservation and paid for a rental car to use in MI. Priceline already charged me for the car, $185.38, then Avis charged me 145.12 for the same car. Once I seen my statment I called Priceline, they said there are no refunds and that Avis would have to cancel. I said, you charged more than Avis did, the customer service rep said that price I got from Priceline is not given to the average customer, yet Avis charged less. They also told me it was for a SECURE reservation, obviously it was not secured!!!!!! This company is a fraud and is overpricing customers. Now, they need 10 days to investigate and call Avis to verify that I rented a car during business hours. Priceline is trying to make Avis do the refund even though it was $40+ dollars cheaper. I want a refund from Priceline as this company are crooks and thieves!

  • Nov 6, 2017

I bought an airline ticket for a business trip on September 15, 1917, the same day that I had a regular checkup at my doctor. I felt fine, and there were no problems with my health. However, the following day, on September 16, 1917, I suffered an attack of diverticulosis, which can be very painful. I was in the ER on September 16, for 7 hours.

I was put on antibiotics, and I waited to cancel my trip on September 19, hoping that I would feel better by then. When I reported the cancellation to Allianz, they emailed me an 11 page document to fill out, including a letter from my doctor stating why I couldn't travel. That, along with the rest of my documents were sent in to Allianz and received on September 29, confirmed in an email. Later, over the phone, they claimed they didn't receive my documents until October 6.

Stating that I was sick when I booked my trip, (entiredly untrue), that I didn't qualify to receive the insurance refund. I also found out that Delta and Priceline get to split the money they won't refund me. Why on Earth why I book a trip when I was too sick to travel? How would that benefit me? I was greatly disappointed, and have never cancelled a flight in my life, and I am a frequent flyer on Delta.

Since they refused to refund my money, I am disputing the charges through my credit card company. I will NEVER book anything through Priceline and purchase their bogus Allianz Travel Protection. Pure robbery!

  • Oct 9, 2017

Booked priceline hotel attempted to cancel and they would not. Room smelled strongly of smoke and was filthy. Gave front desk key back after looking at room.spoke to priceline again who said after an hour they would have to contact hotel for refund. They told me to call back today. I did and they said manager was not at motel they would have to try later to see if manager at hotel would refund money. They also said I spend the night at motel which I did not have the key back after looking at filthy unsafe room which smelled of smoke and had boards on wall. Total tome spend on phone with priceline with no resultion 3hrs and was told they would call me if they got in touch with motel manager

  • Jul 11, 2017

Through my bank, in March I disputed an upcoming Price Line Hotel charge for Barcelona in Nov 2017 because they did not honor their own price guarantee. The charge amount was reversed on my April credit card statement nd I thought the matter was laid to rest. I even went so far as to destroy all the documents I sent to the Bank in support of my dispute.

Today (July 10) I got a letter from my bank dated June 27, 2017, that the dispute has been resolved-in Price Line's favor and the charge will be put back on my ledger. Since I now had to pay for the hotel I decided I needed to stay there and get the reservation information from the PL website. What I found today was that the reservation was cancelled.

I called both my bank and PriceLine. The final discussion with PriceLine (with the Bank rep also on the phone) was recorded by me after I announced that to all concerned

I was told by "Ace" of the PL refund dept that even tho PL cancelled the reservation at the time of my dispute (March), the room is not available and I was still obligated to pay for it.

There is nothing in the rebuttal information sent by their advocate to my bank that indicates they will cancel any disputed matter and hold the purchaser responsible. How does a company expect someone to pay for services not provided?

  • Jun 7, 2017

I called to book a travel package and due to the weather in Orlando, Florida I called to switch the package to Virginia Beach. The representative told me that he can't switch anything from his side but he can see about a FULL refund. He placed me on a hold while he "looked" into it and came back and said " I went ahead and cancelled your hotel for no fee and your rental for no fee, I'm gonna transfer you to flight services to cancel your flight." Flight Services told me there would be a 200$ cancellation fee so I told them to reinstate my package which ONLY then they told me was non reinstatable. So I was left with a flight to Orlando with no hotel or rental. After hours and hours of complaints and transfers, Multiple representatives asked why didn't the prior rep direct me to flight services first. One rep asked me why didn't I call the airline first. I told them because as of right now your my travel agent I booked all three through you so its only right to cancel all three thru you. That's your job to make sure I have the best options available for my situation not leave me with a situation that's worse. So then they told me American airlines was responsible for my refund. So I took it upon myself to call American Airlines cancellation deptartment's supervisor and explain the nightmare of a situation Priceline left me in. They apologized and was in shock that priceline would cancel my hotel and rental first but informed me that Priceline purchases their tickets in bulk in advance and PRICELINE was responsible for my refund, and also that I should be compensated for their egregious mix up. So I called Priceline back to tell them and they told me that wasn't true The representative stated that the airlines told me that to "Get me off the phone. " They said the airlines needed to provide them with a waiver or and authorization code so i called American Airlines back and they said again the responsibility is on Priceline. They said they not liable until i take my first flight out of the city. Which again Priceline isnt practicing good ethical business practices with. I have left messages with 3 upper management officials in hopes to get this issue resolved.

  • Jun 3, 2017

I went online to rent a car. When it came time to pay for my rental it gave the option of a credit card or a debit card. I slected debit as I do not have a credit card. The information told me if I used my debit card, I would have to have my itinerary confirming my travel dates. I did have the information. When I went to rent the car Hertz told me they did not take debit cards only major credit cards and could not help me, I would have to call priceline. Priceline told me they did not do refunds and I told them they could not charge me for a service I did not use. They did give me a refund minus a cancellation fee. So in other words they just tricked me out of my money.

  • May 31, 2017

On 5/17/17 I booked a night's lodging at Comfort Inn West in Duluth MN through Priceline. It was my first (and last) experience with either of these companies. My wife and I needed to meet our realtor in Ely MN the next day and she had to work until 4 pm, so we needed a halfway place to spend the night.

Priceline won't reveal locations to you until after you book with them. I needed to stay on a route so we could make the appoint after an additional drive the next day of several hours. So, I erred and booked three bookings on what I had thought was our route, only to call Priceline and beg them to cancel, which they did for two of them, as they told me.

The third they refused, invoking some obscure cancellation policy that didn't apply to the other two bookings, I guess. So, I have heard that I was a no-show (of course, I was at yet a different booking that was on the route), they had held the room open and turned away business ( though they refused to supply the names of the people they had turned away, an obviously ridiculous statement on their part).

Bottom line? I'm out $74.96. Priceline sucks, as does Comfort Inn. Never again.

  • May 27, 2017

I had booked a flight ticket with the company for my parents. Then I contacted their people for a name change for one of the passengers and I was told that it can be done and I was charged $ 30.00 fee for that. I was sent a new itinerary with the corrected name. i checked on air India's site and helpline, the name has not been updated there. I have been speaking to priceline people for hours and hours, all calls on recorded line and after wasting a lot of my time, my issues has not been addressed and I am told by Air India that if your company does not resolve it before tomorrow I stand a chance of losing reservation. I have been speaking to priceline people back and forth but they have not resolved the issue. I have all the recordings of calls with me.

  • May 11, 2017

I booked an Express Deal in Carlsbad, CA . It was supposed to be a 2 1/2 Star hotel that would cost me over $100 per night.I thought it would be a great deal since when i found out the cost was $56 ! This hotel was the lowest rated hotel in the area and I could book on several other travel sites for the same low price that I paid. Dont believe anything ! And dont book biind with out reviews. My money is not refundable . This is definately a ripoff.

  • Apr 20, 2017

On 4/16/2017 I bid on a hotel room in Mexico international airport through priceline bedding process, what a mistake, in Mexico city , price line placed my bid of $50 on Krystal Urban Aeropuerto CD De Mexico 7 KM away which was advertising on all web sites at $51 with free cancellation , which means that price line saved one singe dollar When I tried to cancel and rebook in a hotel near the airport, I realized the nightmare dealing with priceline.

I was told twice if the hotel agrees they will cancel it , and they will call me in 1/2 hour which they never did. All the hotel advertisings are with free cancellation, but price line refused to cancel and they never even called me back Beware of price line they have a horrible customer service. as soon as they take your money you do not get any help from them. this will be my last time dealing with price line.

I was expecting my bid to go to Marriot , Hilton or Camino Real .the three of them were asking between $90 and $100 but instead price line bid $50 on a hotel room asking $51 what a scam.

  • Jan 30, 2017

Using Priceline express service.

1. No details were provided on hotel once credit card info provided. After period of several minutes info came thru.

2. Review on hotel were terrible. Chat initiated with Priceline ---no resolution offered.

3. Hours later discovery of duplicate reservation. Chat initiated to Price line with no resolve.

4. Communicated mistake to Richmond Hotel, Miami Beach, FL--manager would not make self available to discuss or resolve

5. Followed thru with reservation...wanted to speak with manager on arrival..informed not available.

6. Hotel was as described by reviews. Not as described. Did not meet quality. Misadvertising.

7. Billing adjustment is required.

8. Card company has been notified that any duplicate billing will be disputed.

9. All chat has been recorded with screen shots.

  • Nov 14, 2016

Priceline is a rip-off website.

They lure you with "Cheap" hotels, cars rental price. With Misleading and False advertisement.

I got a car rental offer with my Flight booking, during booking it said "Free Cancellation.

Fine print said "If you buy Travel protection" with car rental!!!

I regret not paying attention to this fine print. Because it is costing me more money to rent a car through them.

But the Government has created a 800 $millon Gorilla. Nothing said about them is heard by the industry.

They are doing false advertisement! They say, will match the price and reality is "if the price is from same company"

So please be careful doing business with them . I called Customer Service , they are useless too!

They are the monopoly which no govt. wil be able to break.

  • Aug 31, 2016

I have wanted to report Priceline often on over the past five years. I work with local schools in arranging trips for youth to a multitude of events. Today one of my 14-year-olds , while in the process of deciding where we were going to go as a collective,... Press the wrong button and we ended up booking a $170 room for one night. I immediately got on the phone, and I immediately got on chat, and both representatives refused to refund that money regardless of circumstances. They told me that I had no right to it, because I did not purchase a protection plan before . I explained again that I had a group of children around me and that somebody either willingly or unwillingly pressed the button, and I was on the school budget and we cannot afford that… But if they would refund that money we would continue to use their services for a cheaper rate. They refuse to hear any of that and so our kids are now going to be unable to attend the meet . I am so extremely angry and the parents and the children are so disappointed. We are on such a tight budget, but this is ridiculous. There have been other issues prior to this, where either I or someone else has used them due to the rates that they display online, and again like today, they hired all of their fees until right at the end and you end up paying $30 more on average than what the list prices. Be very wary, and I just would not use them at all anymore. We have over 400 parents that are receiving a letter today , detailing what occurred through what agency , and to not use them. It is my firm belief that they are a very adept set of ripoff artists , using the system for game. I'm filing a report with the Better Business Bureau today as well. I hope this helps someone.

  • Aug 16, 2016

I wanted an affordable hotel room in North Dallas. The banner ad for Priceline showed a starting rate of $25/night at Best Western Plus Dallas Hotel and Conference Center, 8051 Lyndon B. Johnson Freeway, Dallas, TX. However, when you actually select a night to book a room (and I tried several different nights - Tues., Fri., Sat. and Sunday) for a one-night stay, the lowest room rate I could get was actually just over $70. I tried to phone the hotel directly to find out if the banner ad on Priceline was a mistake, and they said that they had no knowledge of any rates that low. I also tried to contact Priceline to ask if the banner ad I had seen was an error, but could not find any person online to discuss this issue.

Ironically, this sort of low price come-on or false price advertisement is specifically banned by the Texas Deceptive Practices and Consumer Protection Act (Section 17.46. subsections (9) & (10), Texas Business and Commerce Code, V.A.T.S.). But who enforces it?

  • Jul 11, 2016

My husband and I needed to rent a car in order to attend an out of town wedding. When all was said and done, we ended up paying $500 for a rental that was supposed to be $250, got charged their fuel fee when we had already filled up the tank, and were charged a toll fee from the toll company plus a bigger toll fee from Hertz. Here’s how it went down:

My husband booked the car using, which requires paying in advance for the reservation. When we arrived to pick up the car, there were 30 or more kiosks and hundreds of people standing around trying to get a car.

I found an available kiosk and picked up the phone to speak to a representative. He explained to me that the type of car I had “reserved” was no longer available but he could upgrade me to a Mustang, which would be $29 a day.

I said to the rep, "I would prefer not to have a gas guzzler but if you don't have anything else available, $29 is basically what I'm already paying anyway, right?" The rep did not deny or agree, he just had me sign a bunch of terms and conditions on the screen and then directed us to where we could find the car.

When it came time to return the car, we filled up the tank because we know how they like to gauge you for gas if you don't, and when we dropped off the car, the agent looked at the fuel gage, jotted some stuff down, took the keys and then we left for the airport.

Since the agent looked at the fuel level while I was still sitting in the driver’s seat, it never occurred to me that she would lie and say it wasn't full, but when we looked at our credit card charges a few days later, there were charges for gas, a toll fee, and another $250 car rental fee.

Hertz said because I signed for the upgrade, their charges were valid, but at no point did the rep ever say that I was paying any additional fee before they charged my card. Also, if I already paid for something and then the company runs out of it, it's expected that the company either refund my money or give me something else of at least equal value- not scam me into paying them more money.

And the fuel charge? They said they would be happy to refund it if I could show them a receipt for the fuel we put in before returning the vehicle. Who saves a fuel receipt when on a trip to attend a wedding? NO ONE! Because why would you ever need to keep a fuel receipt for attending a wedding, unless you know you’re dealing with a company that rips people off, like Hertz or Priceline.

  • Jul 1, 2016

Overrating of the star level has been a problem with Priceline. They gave me a Super 8 in Santa Rosa NM, that they rated at 2.5 stars. This place would be lucky to make 2 stars, and more like 1.5 star. I got a Quality inn in Waco Texas that they rated at 2.5 star. This place is a 2 star hotel. I got the Hyatt Regency in Dallas that they rated as a 4.5 star hotel. This place shows 4 stars on the Hyatt web suit. This hotel has a small pool, no hot tub, and train noise. They keep over rating the star level to get more money!

  • Jun 8, 2016

I purchased an airline ticket from Priceline and canceled it the the next day.I paid extra for travel protection (AON) but nether Priceline or (AON) will refund my money .Why did Priceline charge me extra for the travel protection company (AON) if they knew they were no good.Why are these companies able to take paying customers money and leave them without any recourse for monies paid.

  • Jun 8, 2016

Made hotel reservations through Priceline and paid to them the "Total Cost" including taxes and fees. Upon arrival at the hotel we were required to pay directly to the Hotel an additional $22.95 per night or they would not give us our room (and, if we did not pay their fee they would charge us for the room anyway because it was less time than their cancellation policy required).

Yes, burried in their web page in some small print it states that their affiliate hotels are allowed the option to add more fees when you arrive, tired and no where else to go. Great way to keep the advertised rates low Huh!

Point is, Priceline is not up-front and honest when it comes to their advertising "Total Cost". It's not! But wait, my Priceline confirmation e-mail says "Paid in Full".....bull-s___, expect to pay more when you get there and there is no way to know how much that will be. Book your reservations directly.

  • May 19, 2016

Priceline said I would get the lowest price for a hotel if I would used them for my 3 day stay.

I used them and found out that the hotel was $180.00 cheaper had I book it myself.

I called Priceline about the overcharge and they said it was there fee for service.

I believe that is not the lowest price as advertise if I can call the hotel myself and get it $180.00 cheaper.

I think that is fraud by Priceline.

Priceline trip number 110-726-932-74

  • Mar 10, 2016

My husband and I booked a rental car through Priceline at a decent rate and were very happy since we were traveling on a budget. When picking up the car Hertz my husband was asked what size car he reserved, and since I made the reservation and he didn't know, he said whatever was pre-arranged. The agent asked him to swipe his card for incidentals which was not an unusual request. We pick up our car, continue with our vacation, drop it off without problems. I check our credit card statement and not only did priceline charge us but hertz did as well! Upon further investigation, the receipt stated $140 upgrade fee. After reading other reviews, I see that this is a common trick and they just point fingers at each other. I am going to try to fight it through my credit card company.

  • Jan 12, 2016

I made an offer on and it was accepted at the price of 438.00 each ticket with taxes and fees at $59.00 and processing fee of $10.40

purchase date:jan.11th 2016.

after they accepted this offer the charges had changed to:$69.40 per ticket/each and not just 59.00 total

the initial offer total was $2600.....the incorrect total they gave after I bought the tickets was:$3,044.40 a

difference of:$444.00

They refuse to acknowldge their non agreed/Fraudulant price change

I want my refund ,I will be filing a claim with my credit card company

  • Nov 19, 2015

I booked a hotel room this moring for my two days Totonto trip this weekend, and I was very sure that there was a free cancellation policy and I choosed. After I received the comfirmation email, I find it is all in US Dollar, and then I just want to cancelled it.

I got the cancellation email, and then realized that I was charged one night stay of the reservation. I chat with the customer service to see if they can keep my reservation back, they told me no.

And I try to find why I was charged with the cancellation, following are what they told me." you book a hotel on Nov 18, 2015 for a two night stay, you need to cancel it on Nov 17, 2015 before noon in order to have no extra charge for your reservation."

How do I do that? Can anyone tell me how can you make a cancellation before you even make a reservation?


  • Nov 13, 2015

My wife pre-paid Priceline for a Hertz rental car in Tampa for 11/11/15: her father died the afternoon she was to depart. I contacted Priceline inquiring about refunding the payment to us as a result of these extenuating circumstances. Priceline’s shameful reply was to cite corporate policy via email and hide in cyberspace offering only on-line interaction and providing no recourse to speak with a representative or supervisor about her situation. Do companies in this country no longer have bereavement policies? Do they actually care that much more about the “all might dollar” than in possibly easing the pain of one of their customers? Do they think people, going thru these kinds of traumatic situations, don’t need a little sympathy, empathy and support wherever they might find it? Priceline and Hertz made 100% profit on my wife’s loss and they gladly will do the same to the next unsuspecting soul. It’s extremely disappointing to see that genuine customer service and satisfaction is not part of the Priceline or Hertz vernacular. I strongly recommend individuals avoid patronizing Priceline and Hertz until they change parts of their customer service policies. There are plenty of other companies to choose from for your travel needs and maybe even a few that put the customer’s needs first before profits. Before making any kind of travel plans, with any company, ask what their bereavement policy is. If they say they don’t have one; ask them why not and when will they have one in place! Though I would never wish my wife’s unfortunate scenario on anyone, you might find yourself in the same situation one day. Take steps now to make Priceline and the rest of corporate America take notice and so some compassion in those hours of need.

  • Sep 15, 2015

There was a glitch in the system and it changed airports and when I requested to cancel the reservation they charged me 200 dollars and never told me they were charging me that much to cancel the flight Priceline a ripp off Nationwide

I made a reservation to st marteeen from LAX to st marteeen and somehow the flight changed to Florida instead of Los angeles. The flight changed destination. I called them to change and all of the suden they charged me 200 dollars to cancel the trip without telling me

  • Aug 21, 2015

I booked a room on last night but before I booked it, there was a caption on the front page that said "Free Cancellation". So I thought that if I booked and I didn't like it I could cancel it and I would not be billed for it. Stupid me and I didn't see that it was for certain rooms until I called to try to call and cancel the reservation a couple of hours later.

The customer service agent, Andrew, informed me that this " Free Cancellaton" is for certain rooms. That you had to "LOOK" for it. Where are you supposed to look for it? In small letters in the contract at the bottom of the contract there it is. So beware when you go to book a room at, if it says "Free Cancellation", it doesn't really mean "Free Cancellation". That's how they get you to book a room.

I'm out $183.00. I've was on the phone for over 40 minutes and go nowhere with them. I told them this was mispresentation and they told me that I needed to read the contract better. I am never using Priceline ever again.

  • Aug 21, 2015

We purchased a room through Priceline on Aug. 13, 2015 for one night for Aug.14,2015 at the Howard Johnson Inn, 336 Odlin Road I-95, Bangor, ME.

We were charged C.$141.81 plus C$11.41 for a total of C$154.22 on MasterCard.

The bill appeared on our email after the trip. The price was higher then the one on which we based our decission. For further information a room at the Howard Johnson Inn, Bangor is advertised today at US $52.00. Even if you convert this price to Canadian $plus the tax of 11.41 we feel we have been ripped off. What do you think?

  • Aug 20, 2015

I made resevations through to stay at the Best Western Chieftian Inn for the night of Saturday, August 22rd. I canceled the reservation on August 19th.

Pricline has a cancelation policy that if you cancel within 3 days of the reservation, that you forfeit the first nights stay (you have to pay for the first night).

I feel that I am getting ripped off because I am at the 3 day limit, but not within that time period. I should get a full refund.

  • Aug 6, 2015

Priceline does not honor the price Guarantee that they advertise. We clearly got a better price booking airfare to Cancun via American Airlines then what Priceline charged us. The difference for the entire family was approximately $800.

We wrote Priceline twice. Once they denied our claim for some obscure reason. The second inquiry they promised to look into it and said they would repond within 48 hours, another lie. I

In my opinion Priceline should not be trusted to handle your travel arrangements. Use a reputable travel agent and do not believe anything Priceline tells you.

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