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Pretty Style Pomeranians

Country Russian Federation
City Belarus
Phone 375 29 730-14-20

Pretty Style Pomeranians Reviews

  • Feb 16, 2021

Lets start from the beginning I as a breeder try to be as private as possible and fix things privately with the breeder. I do not like posting but felt it was necessary to warn other i wish the people who have come out would have posted. I purchased a puppy from pretty style pom angelina ludmila aniperova in october. From the beginning after she Recieved my money she started ignoring me. First photo I got of my puppy was oct 29 and a video oct 30th the last time i saw her was nov 24. I asked the breeder how the pup was and when will the pup be to the nanny and if she can send me a photos of her leaving. I Received nothing and she told me to contact the nanny and the nanny didnt respond for days. When the nanny finally responded she sent ne a very blurry photo of the puppy. I messaged the breeder that the puppy was not the same puppy. She said she was and its just the photo.

I randomly got a text message from a women named natalia that she was delivering my puppy. It was very confusing. Everyone kept changing the dates when my puppy would arrive. When she arrived my husband picked her up from the airport and she was seizing she almost died. He immediately ran home and i gave her iv fluids with dextrose i assumed she just got low sugar. The puppy began vomiting with diarreah. At the vet we thought maybe she had colitis from the trip and stress. But her vomitting didnt stop and we noticed she had a cough and lungs didnt sound well. Turns out she has kennel cough, hypo plastic trachea (a genetic disorder), and pneumonia. Our vet ran labs and she also had anemia and pancreatitis. Our vet could not figure out what was wrong with this puppy. He did a barium swallow test thinking maybe she ate a foreign body but after 4 days of testing and xrays that wasnt the case. So he thought tickborne disease and placed her on doxy; doxy is for tickborne disease and also helps her infection.

He also placed her on clavamox, nebulizer treatment, metronidazole, panacur, probiotics. He still has no clue what is going on with her and she is still coughing and has anemia. We purchased a embark test to test her we are waiting on results. The breeder is trying so hard to save her reputation we had made a post on our instagram and she asked us to delete it and she will help us if we delete it. So we did she gave us a partial refund of $2637 and owes us $2038 still (total price of pup with shipping $4700) she ended up changing her mind and said that was enough to help us. So fast forward to now we have a sick puppy with hypoplastic trachea that requires future surgery and some undiagnosed underlying issues such as pancreatitis and anemia that doesnt have papers. I also later found out when i told the nanny the breeder was blaming her that the puppy was sick she came out and told me everything that the puppy was sick while it was in russia and she told the breeder and the breeder told her to give antibiotics. A few people have come out to us saying she black mails and threatens to ruin their career is they speak out against her but a warning against angelina ludemila of pretty style pomeranians.

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