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Prestige Financial Services, Inc.

Country United States
State Utah
City Salt Lake City
Address 1420 500 W
Phone 801-844-2100

Prestige Financial Services, Inc. Reviews

  • Feb 18, 2021

Prestige financial services I had a vehicle that had just purchased at a local dealership and prestige financial services was the service provider on the loan they are a terrible company bad business I would never recommend them to anyone they lie they still and they cheat people out of their money.

They love to try to sue people to get more money from what they offered but the trick is to show them file bankruptcy They're trying to sue me for more money than what the car is worth. They must be crazy that's why I'm filing chapter 7 bankruptcy to wipe it out

  • Jul 24, 2019

After pay off of loan makes very difficult to get the title in timely manner. Not easy to work with. Such a pain to have to wait for them to send the title for many days. My advise only deal with a local bank for any financing as you will hate the whole process of dealing with this company.

Plus the interest this place charges is outragous for the service you get just isn't worth it. Will not ever do any business ever again with PFS or any Worst experience ever in trying to get title. Larry H Miller dealership from service to sales is a disaster there also. You pay for service only to have your vehicle worse off.

  • Sep 23, 2017

This company is my auto finance company & have called several times on a robo dialer to the point I had to change my # but before that they would even email & text me asking me to verify my debit card info to set up payment, even implied in an email that if i did not give then tcpy concent that if i needed help in the future i may not get it. I know that is a violation on regualtion in collections regulations. They have also left nastly voice mails

  • Jul 7, 2016

My husband was recently declared BLIND. We need to surrender his car which we are up to date on paemts. Was told we habe to wait 4 months so it would show on our credit report we were late 120 days before they would send someone to pick up car..REALLY!..can I just turn it in to any dealer? They said no the dealer would cage a storage fee. I hope this is not true and I can surrender this carsoon

  • May 2, 2016

Prestige is the worst car loan institution I've ever dealt with.

I bought a car from a car dealership for 13,000. I had it paid down to only oweing 5 grand. I ended up getting cancer and got behind by 2 payments due to inability to work due to chemotherapy and other health issues at the time. They started calling my employer disguising themselves as law enforcement, going on my facebook page and calling my friends and family listed on there, they literally called me up to 42 times a day. That is how many missed calls I had from them while I was getting my chemotherapy one day.

After threatenting me with a clemency, I finally gave up and had them come pick up the car. That 5 grand I had left oweing BEFORE they sold the car has now turned into over 20,000 that I have paid them through garnishments and payments. The CAR is paid off but they keep hitting me with interest every month. $ 1,000 a month is what they are charging me in interest every month. I tried to work out a plan with them for the remaining 4 grand in November of 2014, they wanted a down payment of $1600.00 just to review it to see if they will put me on a payment plan to stop garnishing me. They have taken 700 a month of my paycheck for a year and I STILL owe 5000 dollars???? They obviously can't add.

They will NOT send me a copy of my payment history. I cant even afford an attorney to fight them.

Worst company ever and you would have to be a cold hearted heartless a*****e to work for them.

Stay away from Prestige Financial and find a different loan company.

** I now have a different finance company that I have bought 2 cars with since!! So I'm obviously NOT the problem.

  • Mar 26, 2016

I have been constantly harrassed payments ran early over and over and when you tell them they ran it early and it is causing financial hardships because it bounces my other bills and chargers me 30 fees each time. As well as the fact they start harrassing you over a week before your payments due and then they swear they will not run it early you give them a fdate and time and they run it early again. As well as when you tell them they can not take any more payments out of your account due to the running of early payments and problems it caused they still ran them anyway. as well as run them early. They also threaten to send someone to come get your vehichle all the time. It has been so bad the doctor put me on antidepressents and nerve pills. I have had it my truch was a $12,000. truck and i have already paid $21,000. and there telling my i ow almost $14000. on my truck the payments were to go down and have not the amount i owe keep going up even if you pay on time. I went to a lawyer and I asked Tyson for the office manager name and number or his supervisor name and number and he has not given it to me yet i asked on 3/4/16. I was also sick and without a pay for two weeks i emailed them my dr notes and they refused my payment of $453. and said they would not accept anything less then $800 something i have the emails i gave everything to my lawyer and my lawyer is unable to contact anyone when you try to send a complaint email it comes up error unable to send when you call the number on there website you get a voice mail all agents busy you can leave a message but you can not leave a message. I have had it and I have a right for supervisons number for my lawyer to conatct. i am an emotional mess over the constant harrasment my chest is hurting over all this stress i wished i had never ever heard of this comapny or ever gotten the vehichle. Please help me.

  • Sep 12, 2015

Prestige Financial also lied to judge in Portland Oregon about us. They sent courts etc..After us.We let them Repo vehicles. Did not show up to court no money for Lawyers lost job at that time.Judgement occurred about 2010, 2012. They like to use Illegal immigrants for collections. They have harassed our friends, Boss etc...They and Metro Wholesale probably lied on contract about how much we made for income at that time back in 2005, 2007. They probably lied about loss of income on the vehicles. I suggest there was no loss at all. Only going on about contract and very high interest.I believe the vehicles where wholesale,auction or just simply used.No loss at all.Now 2015 somehow they got our number through friends family calling again.Metro Wholesale closed broke due to illegal practices. Thank You

  • Sep 1, 2015

Prestige and Johnathan Olascoaga are the "goons" of the auto financing industry. They employ using local numbers on your caller ID so you answer the phone. If you don't answer your main phone, they call your office then they text you and then an email. It's always the same: do you know the status of your file? This is harassment, even if one day late. Company supports the behavior, these people need to add something worthwile to the world and stop acting as loan shark goons. Isn't there a saying that you get more with honey? Stay clear if ever presented with one of their loans.

  • Aug 17, 2015

We bought a new car and our old car financed through Prestige was paid off. A few days after buying the car, I checked my Prestige account which was locked. I was confident that the account was closed and that they would not withdraw a payment. One week later they did just that. My husband called them and was treated like garbage. He was told that they would issue a check 30 days after the payment was taken and then the man hung up on my husband. I called and was told that this was their policy and that I should have stopped the auto pay. Not an apology, but blaming me for the issue. So instead of having over $400 in my account collecting interest, they have it in their account collecting interest. How convenient!

So their policy is to take money from a closed account, blame the customer, hang up on you and then wait 30 days to send them a check for their mistake. This is the type of company you are dealing with, please avoid them at all cost.

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