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Prescription Hope, Inc.

Country United States
State Ohio
City Westerville
Address P.O.Box 2700
Phone 1-877-296-(4673)

Prescription Hope, Inc. Reviews

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  • Mar 23, 2018

I signed up for prescription hope because it was reccomended to me by my isnurance agent. I could not afford my two diabetic medications since I am retired and was told I could get them cheaper through this company. I signed up and within 2 days my card was charged $100. I immediately was shocked because I have not received any medication yet. I called them and they said that they charge for the service and said I was approved. About a week later I received some forms in the mail asking for tax returns, pay check stubs, and a few other items. I sent the information in and they told me to contact my doctor to send back the paperwork. Another 2 months went by and I still did not receive any medication. They told me it would be sent soon everytime I called and I have been charged 3 times for $100 with no medicine. I called a week later and told them I wanted to cancel and to refund the money since I never received anything and they said they will not give a refund and the medication was sent to my doctor and if I want to cancel they will charge me for another 3 months until the medication runs out. I asked them about the 3 months I already paid and did not receive medication and they told me they charge for the services. So I asked, then why are you going to charge me another 3 months for medication? They told me that is because they did the work so I must pay it or I will be sent to collections. Shortly after I received an approval letter from the pharmacutical company who said I was approved into the patient assistance program and I called the company who informed me that the medication was free. I was so upset and prescription hope took $600 for 3 months of medication that was free? How is this place even in business? They are a total scam!

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  • Feb 27, 2019

no free lunch

I had a similar experience as listed above. I had already paid for 3 months worth of a drug, and was still charged without any paperwork or verification of whether or not I really qualify or whether or not I am actually prescribed the medication. As mentioned, most companies do have financial need benefits. This is some kind of scam and I don't want to know what kind.

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  • Jan 8, 2019


NEVER OPEN Prescription Hope Inc. ACCOUNT!!!

Just closed Prescription Hope Account, PAID $150.00 without any medication!!!!!!!

I think it is NOT a GOOD company.

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  • Feb 28, 2020

Prescription Hope is a SCAM!

Like some of the posts, this is a SCAM at it's worst. Have filed a report with the BBB, as I have been waiting for my Heart medication for almost 2 weeks and nothing, they keep wanting me to send something different every time I speak to them, it's either me or my doctor? In the mean time they already took $50 as a start processing fee, and looking at my bank statement, taking another $50 out of my account, and still no medication. They would not give me a refund, only to say they would give me credit for the next 2 months? I did not want anything to do with them and still demanded my refund, as their company statement says must be %100 satisfied, and I'm NOT! Especially seniors, please be very careful with this company, false advertising, dreadful company for not only seniors, but for all! I actually found my medication and the nearby Walmart for very fordable. Remember, as I'm finding out that it's a $50 per prescription per month that you pay, so if you have 2 or 3 prescriptions, your paying for $50 for each one per month, something they forget to tell you....

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  • Jan 1, 2019

Consumers should be aware that this is a subscription service and you may be charged immediately and monthly whether you receive any goods OR NOT. Also be aware that the drug manufacturers have programs to provide FREE medications IF you contact them DIRECTLY. Prescription Hope is just acting as a middleman so you do not have to contact the manufacturers (MFG) directly.

Many MFG will require documentation or a Medicaid denial before medications can be shipped. Some states, like FL, do not have expanded Medicaid programs so you may not even qualify to apply for Medicaid. This means you will be unable to provide the required Medicaid denial letter and Prescription Hope will continue billing you monthly without you receiving anything. I called 3 times to cancel but they have some stall tactics that they will use.

I was aware I could go to the MFG directly but fresh out of the hospital, off of work, and not feeling the greatest, I thought $50 per month to get a $400 medication without the hassle of the monthly paperwork seemed like a good idea. I encountered a number of problems with Presciption Hope. First, I was told that they could send me a THREE MONTHS supply without the Medicaid denial so I would have 3 months to obtain it. They also said that meds would not arrive for at least 30 days.

After 40 days, and two charges of $50, still no meds. I called and now they said that I would ONLY get 30 DAYS supply, but though some error was not sent and they would do it immediately. Another month, and another $50 and still no meds, so I called and found out nothing was sent yet, even though the last person said it was being requested immediately. After pushing for an answer, they said that the Dr had not gotten back to them with his medical license number. She confirmed that was all that was needed. I pointed out that information IS available online and I could look it up right now. She said she knew that and didn't know why it wasn't done, so she looked it up in about a minute while I waited.

A month later, another $50, I finally received one month supply of medication and called to cancel as I was still unable to obtain a Medicaid denial. They said that they could not cancel if I had medications (total BS), but rather than argue with them I waited 30 days to call back and cancel again. This time they told me that they could not cancel because it was 3 days before the charge and they needed more notice.

At this point Presciption Hope had charged me $250 and I had spent an additional $1500 on medication that I could have gotten free from the MFG; nearly $2000 out of pocket. I called MFG directly to set it up. MFG confirmed that FL was a non-expanded Medicaid state and I was not eligible to apply. I recieved a 3 months supply of the meds from MFG a couple weeks later. She said it is good for a YEAR before I have to reapply, I just have to call every 3 months to renew my shipment.

I called and cancelled Prescription Hope for a third time, with about an hour wait on the phone. Hopefully it takes this time and I don't get charged another month. I would RECOMMEND that anyone thinking to use this service to JUST use it to see if you can get your med. This company is just working with MFGs that have an indigent drug program, so if your med is in their list, just call the MFG directly. In my experience, it will save you time and money to do it yourself.

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  • Sep 18, 2019

So sad and so unnecessary! :(

These folks SHOULD be ashamed of themselves. There certainly ARE patient prescription programs that come with almost ALL/ANY name brand drugs. All you gotta do is google the name of the drug along with "patient assistance program" and they usually pop right up. A doctor told me about this YEARS ago, and said there is ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS this type of coupon you can print out from the internet. My hubby is diabetic, and every single one of his EXPENSIVE name brand drugs have coupons. Also Eliquis... probably so many more. They are definitely preying on folks that aren't aware of how to navigate the internet. There is absolutely NO reason for this company to exist. The fact they continue to get money from you and others is despicable. You really should contact your state's Attorney General's office (consumer affairs division) and make a complaint about them. This may be one way to get them SHUT DOWN. I took nucynta and nucynta ER for a long time... a VERY expensive med. I found coupons online that brought that cost down to $35!!! Believe me, it's worth doing a few searches to find these coupons.Ughh. These folks make me so mad.

  • Jul 5, 2018

I am a no income person. I have Medicaid and nothing was described to me that the manufacturer would need certain Medicaid paperwork for 5 and a half months (after paying 4 months at $50 dollars with a 4 to 6 week period of no pay). When I called the manufacturer and my doctor's office both said it was different paperwork needed and they didn't understand what p

Prescription Hope was talking about. So I facilitated the transaction from there and the whole time Prescription Hope kept taking my money as though to provide a "service" but no prescription. "We're sorry you are closing your account, but the miscommunication with the manufacturer is not our fault" was my response. I paid them $200 for work I could have done myself, and now without refund. They did not provide a service. Medicaid doesn't cover my myrbetriq unless you try 3 other meds first, which I did and then my doctor's office said they would provide a prior auth but I'm still waiting. So be warned, DON'T use Prescription Hope if you have anything you are trying to get from Medicaid EVER! They just keep charging their fees, as admin service and NEVER provide the medication. I think almost 6 months should have been enough time to work something out, don't you think?

Calling Astellas at 1.800.477.6472 the manufacturer of Myrbetriq said NEVER use a 3rd party, they tend to rip you off and the manufacturers ONLY work with your doctor's office directly. And that stands for ALL medications. If you have difficulty paying call the manufacturer and they will always help you.

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  • Jan 27, 2018

Customer service representative said they would do all paper work to submit to pharmaceutical company so prescriptions could be bought for $50/month. I was told nothing would be billed until accepted and if not accepted would not be billed. Within a few days of sending all information via Prescription Hope's website I saw my credit card was billed for $50.00.

I concurrently applied to the pharmaceutical company to get the prescription for free. The application was denied.This was the same pharmaceutical company Prescription Hope was supposed to be applying. How could I be denied by the pharmaceutical company and Prescription Hope not be denied. I called and spoke with a customer service representative and was told they "know how to apply" to the pharmaceutical company to get approval. The costomer service representative also told me that they, Prescription Hope, approved my application and would seend it to the pharmaceutical company. This did not make sense. Why would an application submitted to the pharmaceutical company, from the company's website, their form, be denied but Prescription Hope guarantee their application would be approved? The pharmaceutical company and Prescription Hope both had the same information.

When asking for a refund they refused stating they had already done paper work and would be billing for a partial month for February. I told them to refund all of the money and absolutely not bill for February. They wanted to argue. They were not friendly at all. Finally getting to talk with what I was told was a supervisor, I told her I wanted my money back or I would write about my experience on social media. She said if I wrote a bad review I would not get my money back. I told her that was extortion. A few days later I checked with my bank and the credit card was credited with $50.00.

While filling out this report I tried to get their physical address and made a phone call to get it and was told they weren't allowed to give their physical address because of HIPAA. THANK-YOU Prescription Hope for hiding behind HIPAA. Prescription Hope sould be called Prescription Hopeless.

The fact they have no published physical addres on their website should be a RED FLAG. The fact they are argumentative when asked ligetimate questions is a RED FLAG. Businesses that function like this have no business being in business.

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  • Feb 7, 2019

I was exploring options for lower medication prescriptions cost because i was not going to have insurance anymore. I completed an online application with prescription hope to get more information and listed medications for my son and husband, not knowing that the prescriptions were suppose to be for me. Prescription hope sent the medication requests to the doctors listed who indicated that i was not a patient, since those meds were not for me. I've called several times to be on hold for long periods of time and ended up hanging up. I can't cancel online. I miss their calls when they do call back After submitting request online and via email) but cannot get through to anyone to get this resolved. I was charged $50 on january 21, 2019 and cannot reach anyone to dispute this charge or cancel. I did end up disputing the charge with my credit card so they can't charge my account in february. The service was never rendered, medication never filled or received, nor was their authorization from me or doctor for the medication.

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  • Mar 8, 2018

The website advertises that they can get you your prescription for $50.00 a month or they will refend the initial $50.00 charge.

"Within 48 hours of receiving your enrollment form we will know which medications we can begin processing for you. At that time the first monthly payment will be processed. You will not be charged for any medication that we are unable to obtain for you."

It turns out they could not get my medication. ( although it was advertised on their website) Instead they sent me a coupon that I could have downloaded online myself and claimed that was the reason they would not refund my money! I am very upset as the medication itself is already costing me a fortune. I called and pointed out that they had told me I would get a refund teh first time I called to complain. They refused to refund my money. It is a scam!

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  • Oct 24, 2017

I enrolled with prescription Hope on 09/13/17 and they charged me $100, their monthly fees. Then on 10/05/17, after only 18 days they charged me again for their monthly fees. I cancelled today, 10/23/17, after being enrolled for only a month and 10 days and I was informed that they will charge me a third month of fees, another, final, $100 monthly fee on 11/05/17. And all this after never receiving a single medication from them. When I said that I did not agree to the extra charges on 11/05/17 and they lady informed me that if did not agree then she would place me in collections on 11/06/17, not even the customary 30 days to pay. No problem I told her that I have enough problems with my health and financial situation and do not need to be hassled by collections and have my credit score destroyed to please cancel and debit my account for the final payment on 11/05/17. So 90 days worth of fees after only using their service for 40 days. This is how they treat their customers, the poor people who turn to them for help when we cannot afford to pay for our medications due to illness and job loss. Thanks prescription Hope.

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  • Oct 8, 2019


This post is misleading and libelous. Please retract your complaint or face legal action.

With compassion and care,

Douglas Pierce

Founder Prescription Hope

  • Oct 24, 2017

Assured me they cound get my prescription sent from pharmacutical company. They could not or did not. Charged me several monts while "waiting for pharmacutical company to respond to "me"and then for me to send the letter from the company refusing to help. I did but "no record of it". NO the say I signed something saying I could not expect results.

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  • Mar 10, 2017

I am a low income IBS patient and Prescription Hope, Inc. took advantage of my situation and scammed me. My medicaid doesn't pay for prescribed IBS medicine called Linzess(290 mg) and it costs $369.60 for a month. I was told by this company if I pay them $35 for a month for paper works they could provide me my medicine for free through a national pharmacy program, so I joined them and start paying monthly fees... I never recieved any medicine from them, when I called to cancel my membership, they kept finding excuses and pretended like medicine sent to my doctor's office which my doctor never received and they can't provide me any signature confirmation or any real proof... so after listening their excuses for 6 months, I told them I want to cancel my membership and I don't trust them that they will ever send me the medicine and they said, if I want to cancel my membership I have to pay them another $140 because they already did paper work fro the next three months.... And now they are calling me and threatening me to send the collection agency and they are extremely rude on the phone.... I believe this company is not legit and they are scamming low income patients nationwide... when I google them, I see many complaint against them.

They also claim to be featured on Fox, Reuters, NBC and ABC, but when I google, there isn't even just one news article about this company. Once you signed up they will bill you for 4 months $140 and you will never receive any medicine

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  • Jan 1, 2020

In Aug 2019, I had No health ins. and I needed to get 3 inhalers to the tune of $1000. for. each inhaler! Ran across prescription Hope and they promised me inhalers for $50.00 each and wouldn't take payment until I was accepted and meds were accepted!

They deducted $150.00 every month, and said my scripts were on their way! After 60 days and still no meds I began questioning anyone that would answer the phone! 2 no avail, but thanks to my bank, they paid the $ I was out and are in process of checking them out!

But anyone that is interested in really getting meds at a cheap cheap rate, please contact ripoff for my email address! And I don't make a dime but I will disclose whom I finally purchased my meds with that were very helpful! Do not use prescription Hope! They rip you off!

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  • Jun 3, 2019


Ditto to all these previous reviews... I read a little about Prescription Hope before opening an account but wish I had paid more attention to the red flags. They start billing you as soon as you sign up, sent countless pieces of mail for piles of return paperwork, and charged me for months of medication that I never received. Everytime I was sure I had to be finished with paperwork, they sent me more while dangling this "$50 a month prescription" as a carrot in front of me.

Most people can't wait 6+ months to receive their medication so on top of paying Prescription Hope $50/month, I was also paying my pharmacy full price for my medication. I'm not sure how anyone could work here without having trouble sleeping at night knowing how many needy people they're scamming.

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  • Mar 10, 2019

We asked for information on what the could do. The requested we fill out information, and were promised that we would NOT be charged until they could deliver the medication we needed. Instead they, immediately charge our card. The could NOT deliver our medicine. We called, waited on hold for an hour. Finally a Woman came on line and promised to return our money to our card. She said it might take three (3) days. She never sent us a refund. If you google this fraudulent Company, you will see this a common practice. They are scammers. Timothy Michael Liggett is a known liar and con man.

We called a Mr. Kent Staker. He promised to personally guarantee that the $50.00 they stole would be returned. He never did a thing. Neither did his wife, Brandie. Douglas K Pierce is a coward who promises to return calls, but never does.

We have spoken to the local and Federal authorities.

They are aware of this scam. If anyone has further information or a similar experience, please let us know. [email protected]

Another address they use is 2100 SE Ocean Blvd., in Stuart, Florida. This is where Timothy Micah Liggett allegedly is located. We have his home address too, for the purposes of serving him legal papers.

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  • Feb 21, 2019

Hard to resolve complaints

I signed my husband up, they charged 50.00, I was no eligible for the service they refused to return my money, I put it in dispute, they tacked on 25.00 more, never received medication.

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  • Feb 7, 2019





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  • Mar 24, 2020


They take out money from your account before your script is even approved and if for some reason your not approved then they just keep your money :(


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  • Dec 19, 2018



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  • Apr 24, 2018

If you try to cancel their services, they will charge you for one more billing cycle for no services provided. If you try to dispute, they will charge you $25 more on top of that for a dispute fee and send it to collections agency. Do NOT use this company and keep your hard earned money to yourself. I understand the first charge of $50 for inititating the paperwork. But what is the second $50 for the next month? Even though the account was closed after 10 days and no medication was sent! Please read all these negative reviews and stay away for all costs.

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  • May 28, 2020

Prescription hope says they are medication advocates they collected three months of 50.00 stating they would send medications to my doctor or my home they never sent any meds these people are frauds . My step son needed the medication and couldn't afford to be with out it they kept finding reasons why they hadn't sent it . they will leave you on hold for over an hour sometimes longer only to transfer you to another person and you stay on hold again . The govt needs to sit this place down and arrest them for prescription fraud

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  • Apr 13, 2020

Never used this server - and received two overdue invoices

My wife just received two invoices from Prescription Hope claiming that these were overdue and that we would be sent to collections. Interesting enough we have never signed up with this service nor have we ever collaborated or other with any affiliates of this service. When I ran across these complaints I wanted to share and we will be posting this to BBB.

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  • Feb 16, 2020

Prescription hope They offer to provide medication for a monthly fee of $50.00. They charge first month right away. Than they sent paperwork requesting proof of income and doctors information. After that they allegedly send request of prescription to physician for approval. My process started mid of Dec 2019. My doctor sent the prescription on Jan 2nd for first time.

A week later PH said they haven't received. I contacted my doctor's office and than they sent by mail. Two weeks later PH said again they haven't received. By than they already charged me Jan 2020 fee which Ingot upset and made them refund. So I ask for supervisor who said she was going to send again to the doctor (was a Friday) than on Monday she was going to call the doctor office and call me.

Well another two weeks pass, when I callef back they again said no paper received from the doctor. At this point I ask cancelation of my"membership". Jowever they won't refund my initial fee for a service not provided.

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  • Aug 4, 2020

scam and fraud

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  • Jun 8, 2020


I like most posts filled out the paperwork and never got the medication. I am canceling the credit card they bill to so they cant keep stealing from me. I will report them to the FBI scam division too! Stay way no matter how desperate you are. If it sounds too good to be true it is!

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  • Jan 28, 2020

Another scam on the lower class.

If I could give zero stars, I would. I don't have anything to add that hasn't been said already. I'm no way should you trust this company.

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  • Dec 27, 2019

Rip Off

This company preys on older people. they take your money and try to keep it. You don't get your meds either. After months of using your money they say they can't get your meds. I will get my money back if I have to get a lawyer. It's not the amount of money that matters. It is the principle of how they do people. This is a SCAM.

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  • Nov 22, 2019


Perhaps the worst thing about this outfit is that their marketing is all about how "Christian" they are. Evil hypocrites.

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  • Sep 26, 2019

how to cancel your account

I would like to cancel my account. How did everyone go about doing this.

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  • Sep 17, 2019

Not worth it

Type 1 Diabetic here. I signed up for Prescription Hope to help out with insulin costs while without insurance coverage. They charge you $50/month regardless if you use their services for the month or not. It took 2 and a half months for them to receive the necessary paperwork from my doctor, and I was charge $50 for 3 months and at that point had received nothing. I understand they have to charge for a service, but for those 2.5 months they weren't actually doing anything. So that was $150 down the drain. I decided I wanted to cancel the membership completely, which you have to physically call in and do. When I finally got to a person who could cancel my account, she asked me for a reason. I told her it was for personal reasons, and she badgered me to be more specific. I finally told her I recently got insurance through my job (which was a lie to get off the phone). She continued to badger me saying that I should make sure my fees and copays were going to be less than what they were charging me. I had to tell her NO a total of 4 times before she would even let me cancel. It is none of their business the reason, and I felt like I was being shamed into continuing with the service when I didn't want to. Very nasty tactics on their part. It might sound like a good deal for some, especially when medicine like insulin is very expensive. But my advice is to just steer clear.

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  • Aug 5, 2019

1) they immediately charged me $50 for doing nothing but "enrolling" and them seeing if i qualify

2) i never filled out the patient forms - i thought that meant that they wouldn't charge me because i never finished "enrolling"

3) meds never came

4) they tried to scare me off with long wait times when i called to cancel my account -- the only way to cancel accounts

5) be aware that you never receive a patient account # -- i never noticed but thats a huge red flag

6) they tried to say that i'd receive the meds for the next year because that's how i registered, but that's a federal offence if you've been changed to other meds because meds never come

7) at first they told me that i'd need to sign more paperwork, but after i brought up how illegal their threat was they caved and said i'd get two confirmations that my account had been closed.

8) i have no idea how people got refunds.

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  • Aug 3, 2019

If it sounds and appears too good to be true, chances are, it is. Very misleading, mistrusting and several bad reviews. I want no part of their scams.

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  • Mar 2, 2021

Prescription Hope charged me a service fee without sending me the medications. They claim I did not send documents when I certainly did. They claim I owe them $100 as I didn't cancel one day before they said I had to. There was NO information on why the meds did not arrive for four months. They will not allow me to talk to a supervisor to plead my case. Why should I have to pay them a fee when I did not get the medications. Then they threaten to send the bill to collections. I just want fair treatment.

  • Jan 12, 2021

In November of 2019, I applied to Prescription Hope to get insulin for my son, who is a Type 1 diabetic. It is very expensive even with insurance and my son is currently unemployed and I pay for his medications and healthcare through Obamacare. Prescription Hope advertises that all medications, regardless of the cost are only $50 for each prescription medication. My son requires 2 different kinds of insulin.

I found Prescription Hope online and applied to see if my son was eligible. I should have seen this coming. In order to complete the application, I had to put a credit card on file. I don't understand why they had to charge my card for the application. Perhaps a modest application fee would be more appropriate. They immediately charged my credit card $100.

About a month later, they charged my credit card another $100, and I then received a packet in the mail saying that my son needed to provide a letter from Medicaid to show he was denied. He is not able to provide this since he has never been on Medicaid.

Meanwhile, today is 1/13/2021, and my credit card was charged another $100, totalling $300 that has been charged to my card since November 2019 and no medication has been provided.

I called Presciption Hope just a few minutes ago and talked to their customer service. I was unable to get the name of the woman I spoke with, but she was very rude and condescending. I tried to explain to her the situation, and told her neither I nor my son could provide documentation due to him never having been on Medicaid. When she asked me to identify myself, everytime I tried to speak she talked over me and was very disrespectful.

I asked her to cancel the pending request for my son because this documentation cannot be provided, to not make any more charges to my card and also to to refund the $300 that has been charged to my credit card.

She very rudely told me that if I read the "terms and conditions" they have the right to charge my credit card until the documenation is received. Meanwhile, we have never received any medication.

All I want is for my $300 they charged to my credit card to be refunded. I learned my lesson dealing with these people. It's really sad as I am a retired senior citizen on a fixed income and am paying for medication to keep my son alive and I can't get $300 refunded to my credit card for something I never received.

  • Feb 18, 2020

My husband got on this sight about a month ago, when it looked like our insurance wouldn't cover my eye drops and the pharmacy was asking for $700 for the script. I was supposed to verify income, and when I realized that we make way too much to be eligible for the program, I didn't complete the process. However, they still charged our card twice in a month, $50 each time.

Meanwhile when we try to cancel, it is impossible to cancel, the phone number gives an 'all circuits are busy' message and hangs up, and you cannot remove your card from the credit card field on their website. The only weay out of this debacle is to cancel the card, which is a huge pain.

This is fraudulent and predatory, they do not honor what they say, and I believe the entire thing exists just to capture your info. They sent paperwork asking for my w2s and tax info also, to 'verify income'. At that point I was like, nope, not today criminals!

  • Dec 9, 2019

prescripion hope did what they said

paid 50 instead of 140 a month, doctors office could not find first inquiry, had nurse call me when they sent second inquiry in mail, recieved meds, (tykosin) recieved within 6 wks, 3 mo supply, they did what they said and i am satisfied. however PFIZER said they have mfg problems and my dose of 250 wont be availible untill late 2021..( sounds strange) but will have to go back on generic (dofetilite),140 a month,.stuff happens ! recieved another refill right before they ended my order11/26/19. they explained they were just my advocate . and not the company.

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