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Premium Finance

Country United States
State California
City Costa Mesa
Address 2490 Harbor Blvd
Phone 949-482-6327

Premium Finance Reviews

  • Jun 1, 2019

STAY AWAY from this dealership. They pass off wrecked cars with fake vehicle history reports. They are very dishonest, overcharge fees and lie about interest rates. I have resulted to reporting their deceitful trade practices to the CA ATTORNEY GENERAL as well as the CALIFORNIA DEPARTMENT OF MOTOR VEHICLES Dealer Division.

These people pride themselves in ripping off hard working honest people. Everything is fine up until the point that you voice a concern with them. After that you are met with verbal threats, repo threats and screened phone calls. RUDE, dishonest, dealers.

  • Dec 3, 2018

I chose this dealership because the reviews were decent and it's close to my house. I'd been in the market for a family vehicle for a few months and had stopped into the dealership periodically to look around. I needed something big enough to fit my family of 4 and something strong enough to pull a boat or trailer. I came across a good looking* lifted 2004 Suburban. It was perfect. I wasn't looking for anything super new or fancy, just something that was reliable that suited my needs as far as space and dependability.

On the exterior I could immediately tell that the truck had been in an accident because the entire left side had been bondo'd and poorly repainted - even though the online ad for the truck said the paint was all original. I had also noticed that the 35 inch tires were all mismatched and the front ones were bald. But again with my main concern being safety I didn't mind the crappy paint and having to replace a couple tires - after all I was buying a used truck with $150k miles on it.

The first thing I noticed upon test driving it was that the alignment was completely off and the steering wheel was totally crooked by about 90 degrees. When I brought it up the salesmen helping us (Miles) seemed almost irritated that I pointed this out and brushed it off by saying "it's an old truck". However, the engine felt strong and the transmission seemed to shift smoothly which I wasn't surprised as its 5.3 Vortec V8 motor is well known for being a reliable workhorse to last well over 300k miles.

The next day I'd returned where I again met with the salesmen, Miles who'd been helping me before. I was pretty much ready to pull the trigger after Miles reassured me that this vehicle had been thoroughly inspected and deemed safe for my family. He also told me that the alignment issue had been "remedied". I was excited and felt like I was being taken care of so we started the paperwork that had also read the vehicle underwent a thorough inspection. The first thing I noticed as I drove off was that the alignment was still off, and the steering wheel was totally crooked - nothing had been "remedied". When I got home after I was done washing it I went to start it up and it took several attempts to start. I called the dealership and asked for Miles so that I could fill him on the issues I'd experienced, but I was told that he was with another customer and he'd call me back. He never called me back.

Later that evening, we took the truck to drop off our son of at his friends house for a sleepover. After the truck took a few tries to start again I noticed the front left headlight was out. So I popped the hood, took the assembly apart and realized the bulbs were somehow not even plugged in. I plugged it back in and went to leave when my wife noticed the radio wouldn't turn on. I had took shake the aftermarket head unit around a bit for it to turn on. We dropped our son off and headed back home when all of the lights in the instrument cluster went black. At this point we're laughing because we'd owned this truck for 4 hours and all of this had gone wrong already. I tried to keep a positive outlook on the situation and felt confident the guys at the dealership would hear my concern and have these very minor issues addressed.

The next day I still heard nothing from Miles or anyone from the dealership so I called to follow up. As I'd expected he told me to bring the truck in so their mechanics can look at it. I felt relieved. My wife took it in the next day. He told her they would adjust the steering wheel but they weren't going to do an alignment or anything else. She called me at work and told me the bad news so I called to speak with Miles who had a completely different (less condescending) tone with me than he did with my wife. He told me they were going to check everything out and not to worry.

I got the truck back and literally all they did was adjust the steering wheel. I called back and Miles told me they weren't going to do anything else and that it'd be cheaper for me to get the work done myself because they get charged more as a dealer. (WTF?) Luckily I was able to fix the electrical problem myself, but the truck still had a hard time starting and after a couple days the steering started to go loose again. After exactly 6 days of purchasing the truck, the transmission started acting up pretty bad to where first gear rarely works. Again, I called Miles where he pretended be concerned and said that someone named Maria would be reaching out to me. It's been 2 weeks and no one's contacted me. I've called and left messages and no one calls back. I feel completely taken advantage of. These are BASIC issues that should've been found IF the truck had actually been properly inspected by their mechanic or anyone with half a brain.

Up until this point I've been very patient and provided ample amount of time for the folks at Premium Finance to make this right which they've clearly chosen not to.

  • Aug 23, 2016

Bought a 2003 Dodge Ram 2500 diesel from premium finance on July 4th 2016 for 17k with 3 month 3k Mile warrant. 2 weeks later oil pressure gauge drops to zero at idle, major blow by, and oil is coming out of the oil fill cap. Engine is covered in oil. Dealer and warranty company won't do anything to help up. Truck is under warranty still. They keep denying the claim saying we bought the truck in that condition. We are screwed I can't drive the truck, dodge says the engine is shot and wants 12k for a new engine. Do not buy from these people period!

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