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Premier Roofing and Contracting

Country United States
State Texas
City San Antonio
Address 18756 Stone Oak Pkwy #200
Phone 1 210-867-6001

Premier Roofing and Contracting Reviews

  • Oct 15, 2020

On the 26th of August 2019 I agreed to have Premier Roofing and Contracting reshingle the roof of my house, attached garage and back Porch. I paid a Deposit of $3,500, and the owner of Premier wrote a receipt.

On the morning of Wednesday 28 august 2019 a roofing crew of five workers from Wilmington, NC, arrived that Premier Roofing utilizes. I do not believe the crew were employees of Premier Roofing. I asked the crew Foreman if the roof would be dried-in (completed and/or waterproof) by afternoon in case of rain. He said it wouldn't be a problem.

They removed the old Shingles, got started with shingling and broke for lunch before the roof was dried-in. As the crew returned to work, the sky darkened and it rained hard for a short time. Rain water entered my house between the gaps in the uncovered wood sheathing and damaged the Ceilings. Rain water entered the walls and saturated the insulation which could eventually lead the mold contamination.

They applied a single tarp to an area at the back corner of the house where the wood sheathing needed replacing. Water had all ready saturated the wall, insulation and carpet.

The Owner of Premier and the Crew Foreman seemed to ignore the threat of imminent rain after the clouds moved in. They didn't monitor the weather conditions and deploy their Tarps before Rain water entered the House.

After the Owner heard from the Foreman that there was damage to the Ceiling they packed up all there materials and walked off the job. They left the unopened bundles of shingles that where sitting on the roof and left without drying-in or applying tarps to the exposed portions of the roof leaving the House at risk to severe water damage. I then took pictures of an exposed wet Roof.

Even as a layperson, it is clear to me that the defendant's work was below any reasonable standard of workmanship and care.

It was apparent that when the delivery truck arrived that Premier was running what I refer to as the "Roofers Scam. New shingles were the only item on the truck and any other materials that I paid for with the deposit money were leftover materials with previously opened packaging. Materials scavenged from previous roofing jobs.The case went to Small Claims Court in the county where both parties resided.

The Judgement was awarded to the Plaintiff (myself), the Defendant (owner of Premier) did not report to the Courthouse on his Court appointed date.

Respectfully submitted,

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