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Country United States
State South Carolina
City Charleston
Address 65 Gadsden St
Phone (843) 790-2838

preHIRED, LLC Reviews

  • Aug 23, 2020

I hope that anyone considering taking this...will reconsider. Unless you are absolutely sure that you are into sales, you better stay away. Let's also hope that nothing bad happens to you during this "90 days" that you are taking their course. Because if something big would have happened to you, they will still consider that nothing had happened to you. They would keep the strikes against you, and will never talk to you abou this since the beginning. You will not know that the way that they word the ISA, you will owe them $30k the day that you sign the paper regardless of the fact that you might not get employment at all during this 90 days.

Everything that they would teach you, you can get it on udemy or something like that cheaper. Most of all, just go to college or a trade school. Most companies will only look if you have relevant degree and experience, and the ability to learn. Those matter the most. What theyteach you is spamming hiring managers. The only thing that you may find some value is a solution called interseller where you can find the managers' emails. But trust me. Most of them ignored your emails. Apply.

Get in touch with the hiring managers through linkedin. These are free, get replies and you do not look like spammers. You can spam customers but you should not spam your future boss. For the rest that prehired teaches you, the companies can teach you better and in a more relevant way.

Once they have withdrawn you (even when you finally made the assignment), they will not talk to you. They will wait until the 90 days run out and tell you that you breach the contract. Now you owe them the full $30k regardless of your employment status. You could be unemployed for all they care.

Beware and stay away. This is just a masked "get-rich-quick scheme".

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