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Preferred Membership Services

Country United States
State Ohio
City Alger
Address 105 N Main St
Phone 419-757-0406

Preferred Membership Services Reviews

  • Mar 31, 2016

In late November 2015, I accepted a telemarketing offer of a Walmart gift card in the amount of $100, not realizing I was also signing up for a monthly membership with ID SWEEP 360. I did know I had accepted another membership offer.

When I got the card it was a very stupid offer. Must spend $50 a month for ten months to get $10 each time. On the phone, there was no mention that it wasn't a one-time use of $100 (of course it's just before Christmas when a little more $$ would be nice). I called within the trial period and canceled the membership after I got the Walmart gift card. That part worked fine.

Unfortunately, the account I used for the transaction I don't use often so I don't look at the statements every month. When I did, I found out I'd been charged $19.95 from December through March. I didn't recognize the name of the company so I told my credit union it was fraud. They investigated and found I'd done business with them before. After a lot of searching on the Internet and not finding a website for ID SWEEP 360, I finally found out through the Better Business Bureau that an associated company called Preferred Memberships had not been given a rating by the BBB due to the many complaints. I also found a press release from 2008 about the opening of the ID SWEEP 360 company.

I called Preferred Memberships and they told me I canceled the other membership but not this one. I had no idea there were two membership. This company uses high pressured phone tactics, plays on your emotions and it not forthcoming with all the details. They withhold information so you have to read the very small print when you get your package in the mail to understand what you got into. I guess I missed the part about ID SWEEP 360. I should have known better not to take such an offer. They say they explain everything on the phone but that's not true. This is a misleading way to do business and has cost me $79.96 for a service I never knew I had and never used. I'd like for them to reimburse me but I don't think I have a leg to stand on.

I just want to warn people not to get involved with them. I wonder if there are any satisfied customers out there? I guess the identity theft company could be real but you can't use them if you don't even know you have a membership!! It's not a good way to do business and based on all the BBB complaints I found today, they compaints are all the same. No one knows that the product they iniailly agreed to get (for only a postage fee) is also signing them up for a membership to something. BUYER BEWARE!

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