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Pre Property Solutions

Country United States
State Rhode Island
City Newport
Address 580 Thames St
Phone 855-667-7336

Pre Property Solutions Reviews

  • Oct 24, 2017

Chris Prefontaine aka Ron LeGrand Copycat is a fraud. Do your Research and have an attorney review any contract this guy puts in front of you. Chris Prefontaine has very bad unethical business practices and I have recorded and documented proof. Chris Prefontaine secretly records calls of home sellers in multiply States and Pretends to be a home buyer from PrePropertySolutions on behalf of his students, who have a completely separate LLC, so that Chris Prefontaine has zero liability! This is fraudulent misrepresentation because Chris is not actually a senior partner or on the purchase contract, and he is making these assertions to the sellers so that they sell their house to an inexperienced student that pay him thousands of dollars to learn his scams. He also fraudulently misrepresents personal experience to sellers to make them think he is the one actually buying the property. He tells his students to lie and say they close 4-5 houses a month, when the fact is they probably haven’t even sold one house Ever! I have dozens and dozens of these secretly recorded calls of Chris Prefontaine because he distributes them to his students with no regards to home owner’s private information. He even makes the recordings available for download on his website for anyone with a dollar can have access too. Chris loves the word guarantee and will say it until the sun comes up but if you have a lawyer review your contracts for both sellers, buyers, and students will see that is not the case.

I personal lost $75,000 because of these false guarantees. I had to leave his unethical program, even though we were leading in his sales contests with most signed contracts, once we learned his horrible ethics and his illegal practices with secretly recording calls, fraudulent misrepresentation, and his multi-level marketing gimmicks that he copies from real coaches. Chris Prefontaine is a multi-level marketer and can be seen with a simple google search. Sellers need to beware that Chris Prefontaine of PrePropertySolutions brags he will make on average $20,000k to $80,000 per deal with little to no money down and even if the tenant buyer doesn’t cash out the seller he still walks away with thousands and leaves the seller and tenant buyer out to dry. I personally have spoken with both sellers and buyers who he has done this to. Heart wrenching to hear when a tenant puts over $30k nonrefundable deposit down that Chris takes and Seller doesn’t receive, and Tenant buyer loses everything! Tenant buyer lives in a home they think is theirs but instead has to get evicted and start all over again. Seller thinks house is sold but has to evict and start all over again, but Chris still made his money and could care less!

Chris Prefontaine has broken many laws and I’ll be filing complaints this week with the Department of Real Estate in each state he is running these scams and handing over all the evidence. I also will be filing complaints with the FTC and Attorney General for fraudulent misrepresentation and secretly recording calls of home sellers with their personal information and distributing the recorded calls to his members and students. From speaking with the DRE and the fraudulent misrepresentation to sellers ,he will not only have his business in very serious trouble but once sellers realize that they were tricked to sell house to inexperienced students, these students will also can face serious penalties and sellers and tenant buyers can cancel purchase contract and may sue for damages.

  • Jul 12, 2019


I have entered into a lease to own with over 45k deposited and have constantly received defaults and breach of contract on their end but they lawyer up and nothing happens please reply to this and we will exchange info to take them down they are frauds

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