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Pr.Business Management Services, LLC

Country United States
State Florida
City Boca Raton
Address 4910 Communication Ave, #200
Phone 800-266-0219

Pr.Business Management Services, LLC Reviews

  • Jul 8, 2020

None of the promises made by the salesman, Jeff Brown, were achieved. My time was lost/wasted when they missed scheduled (1 month in advance) phone calls, as well as unproductive calls when they did call. My business went from the top of the second page on Google all the way out to the middle of the fourth page. Alexia & Siri never recognized my business (to this day). When I originally attempted to cancel services with them back in March, I was told that they (that particular employee) could only freeze my account for 2 months but they would have someone follow up with me regarding the cancelation.

No one called back. I called back approximately 8 times and sat on hold for 10-30 minutes each time before being sent to a voice mailbox. Still, no one returned my call. I changed all of my passwords (locked them out of the accounts). Then in July I get a "past due" notice via email. When I call them again to discuss the matter, Lisa @ ext 108, tells me that she would cancel the 12 month contract if I paid the 'past due amount'. When I asked her to waive the fee, she refused. When I asked her what services that PR Business preformed that they were due compensation for, she talked circles and stated that someone called me for a conference call (unscheduled).

She acknowledged that they were locked out of my accounts. I asked her how she felt that it was fair business practice or logical to charge me a monthly fee, after I had made so many attempts to resolve the matter with no follow up on their end and no services were provided. I made no less than 8 attempts to resolve this between March and July (3 months), while my account was current. Had you followed through in a timely matter on the cancelation there would have been no issue.

I see that most of the reviews are of the nice phone technicians. Which I agree, they are pleasant. However the company was ineffective at their task of SEO and I was not intending to purchase a pleasant phone conversation once a month.

This has been a complete waste of time and has been extremely frustrating. Not to mention a loss of hard earned marketing dollars. The salesman is the most skilled person on their team.

Buyer beware!!

Empty Promises. Failed to deliver. No Follow Up. Dropped The Ball. Don't Waste Your Money!

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