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Powertrain Products Inc.

Country United States
State Maryland
City Stevensville
Address 520 Thompson Creek Rd
Phone 888-842-0023

Powertrain Products Inc. Reviews

  • Dec 28, 2017

Powertrain Products Inc. I Purchased An Engine For My 1994 Toyota Celica Gt In 2015 Had It Installed Total Cost Were $3278.93 2 Years Later It Blew A Head Gasket And Being Under Warranty Powertrain Products Said They Would Replace The Motor. The Bill Was $2685.88 Plus Rental Car Bill Was $3060.00 And I Missed 2 Weeks Of Work Which I Lost Another $2283.60.

Why Does It Take 3 Months To Get A Check From Powertrain Products To Cause So Many Problems In My Life. If You Buy Anything From This Company Powertrain Products Inc.You'll Be As Dumb As A Rock I Warned You Nobody Warned Me. I'm Out $11308.41 Total And Now A Lawyer Going To Cost Another 6k At $250.00 An Hour. Thanks Powertrain For The Junk You Sell To The Employees Terri , Lester , Mark Ripped Out Of $11308.41With Bad Motors Stevensville Maryland.

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  • Apr 27, 2017

I pruchased a remanufatcured engine from Powertrain Products in January, 2015 with a 3 year warranty. In February, 2017 I had an issue with the engine which prompted me to bring it to a Ford deaership for a diagnosis. After dianostics revealed that the engine had failed I contacted Powertrain to file a claim for warranty services. I was told that once the dealership had done everything that Powertrain had requested in order to determine if it was engine failure that another engine would be shipped to them to be installed. A number of things were tried and parts were sent to the dealership to try and resolve the issue before finally coming to the conclusion that the engine was indeed no good and had to be replaced.

Approximately 3 weeks after bringing my truck to the dearship they finally received the engine that was to be installed. It took them two days to put the engine in and, the dealership contacted me to let me know that everything wass in place and that they were just waiting for payment for their services before turning my truck back over to me. As of April 26, 2017 I nor the dealership have heard anything from Powertrain Products about payment for services. Powertrain stated that they had to receive the old engine and parts that they sent to the dealership. The old engine and parts were picked up 2 weeks ago from the date that I write this. I have incurred a vehicle rental bill for over $900.00 and counting. The dealership understandibly will not release the vehicle until they have been compensated. I now feel that my only recourse is to file a civil suit against Powertrain Products. They have not been helpful at all in the situation and good luck getting anyone on the phone who even has a clue. My recommendation is to stay away from this company at all costs.

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