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Pou Veterinary Group

Country United States
State Florida
City Miami
Address 11549 N Kendall Dr
Phone 1 786-607-0123

Pou Veterinary Group Reviews

  • Oct 11, 2020

WE WERE OVER CHARGED $300 FOR SERVICES NOT NEEDED NOR NECESSARY NOR ASKED FOR WITH OUR DOG . I HAD CALLED TO ADVISE that our dog needed her annual rabies shot and Service Dog License renewed - That Is All. When I sent her with someone because I was too sick to go, they padded the bill, told him that these charges were necessary and never did wirte the service dog license. I called and was told that Pou does not write Service Dog License. I filed with the BBB and below is the complaint. They saw my spouse, realized that he had no idea what they were talking about and Pou duped him into all these costs . He was Never told about the boarding cough shot, had no idea what it was and so on and so on. Pou saw what he consiered a Patsy who knew nothing and took advantage of this. My husband did tell Pou that this dog had been to our vet in May 2017 and had her booster shots then but he was ignored.

I am shocked at the shoddy fraudlent operation of this vet. He has to be desperate for money. I called to advise and rerquest that I be creidted with the charges that I did not need nor want and was blown off. Regina Rosa

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Filed on : March 8 2018

Filed by :

Regina Rosa

MiamiPalmetto Bay FL

Filed against :

Pou Veterinary Group

11549 North Kendall Drive

Miami FL 33176

Complaint Description:

I sent my dog for the rabies shot and Service Dog No charge license for Miami D County cost only of 32.50 for the rabies shot. The vet on duty gave my dog every possible test and shot he could think of, padded the bill with charges in a fraud of what she did not need nor what I had authorized. My husband was told that these were necessary for a service dog yet no service dog license was written foe the dog. i e she was given a shot for dogs that are sent to kennels for kennel cough bordetella vaccination - and we Never Kennel our dogs . My husband was not told what it was or asked about it either. Same with endless other charges. Instead of an office charge perhaps and the rabies charge of 32.50 the bill was a whopping $ 320.70 I am shocked and outraged. I called to advise and was given polite double talk and vet jargon about this - Pou was unwilling to credit me with any of the over charges . I am shocked at this over charge of $300 at the least.

Your Desired Resolution:

The vet on duty had to realize that my husband had no idea what the vet was doing - he took total advantage of my husbands ignorance of these charges, and told him that all of these are necessary for a service dog. I sent my dog only for the rabies and service dog license. Last May 2017 this dog had her yearly booster and rabies already with Rober Gilley vet in Nranja, I repeat, we sent the dog only to get her Service Dog License. to Pou Vet group. I said that when I called. I have had a serious bronchitis infection and loss of voice or I would have gone. I am shocked at the padding of this vet bill. Its like nothing I have seen in my life.

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