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Posh Productions

Country United States
State Alabama
Phone 1 323 333 4800

Posh Productions Reviews

  • Jan 22, 2020

After a month of working with this co, I was given excuses and the run around of why they can't pay me just yet. They claim that they have thousands of girls working, they operate off the nite flirt platform .

Very disturbing when we are forced to be up for 8 hrs a night trying to take calls at a low rate of pay . So if a caller gives you a tribute of 100.00 you only get 70 cause note flirt takes 30% of it. But we are told by posh productions we get 100% of tips. NOT.

The excuses I get are, oh I have to talk to my accountant when pay day is and follow protocal. But when you are hired they tell you you get paid every 2 weeks. Now it's when they feel like it ! I'm sorry if it's a slow season or this co is not making money but you still need to pay the girls.

  • Dec 22, 2019

Bridgette Michelle doesn't communicate effectively nor does she have a website or LLC. Once I threatened to tell people about her so-called company AFTER she accepted my personal information and said she'd hire hire me, she finally replied back and threatened to speak to an attorney.

I wonder how she can afford one when she doesn't have a business I.D. let alone a legitimate website. Those are the red flags I should have paid attention to. AVOID any company that doesn't have an LLC or website.

If you don't have a soft spoken voice or if you're not a white woman, don't apply. She told me that my voice was too dominant e.g., too ethnic, too deep. STAY AWAY from this "company" or join at your own risk.

  • Dec 13, 2019

Omg when I tell you that ppl have way too much time one their hands.......

Bridget Michelle is refusing to pay me my last pay. She has made several accusations against me, she has been calling the police telling them that I have been harassing her for the past several days which in fact it is her who been calling me harassing me.

I believe she is unstable, I used to be a very loyal employee, but ever since I quit she has come after me, and all I even cared about was my money, I several recordings of her saying that she would pay me, and now I have a recording of her saying she isn't. She has been spreading lies about me, so ladies watch your back with her, your supposed to get printouts every pay period, and please take heed to the other reports about Bridget, she does not pay people their last lay, even if you left on good terms.

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