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Posh Pocket Pups

Country United States
State California
City Los Angeles
Phone 1-888-604-3222

Posh Pocket Pups Reviews

  • Apr 6, 2021

Posh Pocket Pups is the most sophisticated and elaborate, multinational cyber-crime / internet crime ring in regards to dog breeders, which has been evolving in scamming consumers for over a decade.

We were defrauded by being lured into a very reputable and above-board website, Posh Pocket, reserving a micro poodle. The reservation process also seemed legitimate until we provided our credit card number and were not being immediately billed. (1st Red Flag)

The alleged member of said cyber-crime ring, known aliases, Alyssa OR Ann, proceeded to immediately contact us to further explain the reservation and purchase process. However, when she explained why she did not bill us immediately, she states “Wanted to verify to ensure a child did not get a hold of their parents credit card.”

Moreover, a charge of $959 to our account took over four days to appear and once it settled against our account, that’s when the true trepidation / fear of being scammed, began to set in.

We were invoiced, via email, by Micro Teacups (2nd Red Flag), we were emailed by (3rd Red Flag), and we were finally billed by Rosedale Animal Hospital (Final Red Flag), in Canadian currency!!!

  • Jan 8, 2019

I thought we were getting a puppy for our family for Christmas, but this lady Brennan Braun has no puppies!! The pics she steals and the video I requested of the puppy we were buying I later saw on YouTube posted in 2014!

I wired her money and then she disappeared. She is a complete scam artist and I hope we can somehow shut her down!!!!!! How is her website still online?!!

  • Dec 4, 2018

Why has this Layla Tayeb NOT been arrested???

I among many others have been scanned thousands of dollars over the past several years. And this woman appears untouchable! Why? Is the Canadian police simply not interested in criminals in their country? I simply don’t understand. I contacted Ontario police as have many others and we get nowhere. Please help we as Americans understand why the Canadian police do not consider this criminal ! I even went as far as contacting her bank and got nowhere with them which to me makes them part of it ! The woman has scanned thousands into thinking she’s paralyzed, thousands into thinking she has a famous make up line, is an author... the list never stops. And yet she remains free. . Help put this woman away! I beg anyone who has been scammed by this woman to report her and STOP her! Make an example of her. Show honest people that criminals don’t win !

  • Jun 28, 2018

I sent them $6700 and they did not send the dog. Are not answering phone calls or texts. Found a website confirming this poshpocketpuppies is a scam site.

  • Nov 22, 2016

I contacted PoshPocketPuppies as I was looking to buy a teacup Pomerianian and I came upon this site in a search and after reviewing what I thought was a professional business I went ahead and contacted them via email. They emailed me back with the promises of sending the puppy that I inquired about named Maserati and in doing so they sent me the information to do a wire transfer through my bank. I proceeded with the wire transfer and they responded saying that they would send the puppy after the rabies shot cleared in 3 weeks which would make a delivery date Nov. 15,2016 When that day came I emailed them to get information regarding flight number and a time to be expecting my puppy I was then emailed by

someone with the Name Melissa saying that they would refund me my $6095 because they were selling their business So today is Nov.21,2016 and I emailed "Melissa" to see if they had done the wire transfer of my refund and she said she did so I am waiting to see it go back into my account In the meanwhile I did notice a puppy on that same sight under the name Kelly was also on another site under the name Maggie and I notified her of that and she responded in there is nothing she could do about "Photo Poachers" but currently their website is still up and running I also emailed her about updating their website as due to them selling their business and that the puppies were not available and still today they have their website up as available puppies for sale

  • Oct 18, 2016

Poshpocket pups

Total scam outfit. I ordered a 4500.00 teacup poodle which I never received!!. I have seen same puppy on multiple sites. These people scam other products as well including make up line for Islamic women, etc. . I have tried filing report and filing criminal charges but across border scams are difficult. I urge you not to buy into this scam. It can be heartbreaking in more ways than one. It is also known as Instastar teacups and has multiple other names, run by Layla Mandi Tayeb. Before doing anything research internet. There have been multiple reports listed on line.

  • Jan 6, 2016

Dec.8 2015 After reading and going thru the websites trying to purchase a pocket pup for our daughter for 2-3 months. I kept running across this Posh Pocket Pups, every time I emailed her response was responded to quickly. I am an educated women and always knew I would never be involved being scammed, I'm way to intelligent for that!! Wrong, you go and view it, you will understand.

So after several conversations still having doubt. She posted a teacup English Bulldog it's still listed as Diva under category teacup Frenchies, it's still listed for sale! Yes, this was the puppy I purchased, so I thought!. She forwarded papers for me to sign on knowledge of animals. I sent it to her, I went to bank had them check in the bank before wiring funds, it was an legitimate bank. Sent wire. Days went by , did not hear from her? I called and called , finally I got her, and asked how puppy was doing and to send to me updated photos, she said she would. I had to ask 3 times. Still No photos.

Finally decided to contact her again, just go find out she blocked my number! Signs went up. I contacted the bank , explained to her what happened, I gave her my wiring information on their bank. She went into the account and saw my deposit was added. She couldn't tell me much since it was due to privacy act! But after looking at it, she did seemed concerned and as going to go to the Fraud and Risk Dept. Meanwhile I got a hold of the Canadian police, they advised me yo go to my local police dept. and file a complaint then Texas police will get ahold of them. So that is what I was going to do, prior to going to my local police dept. I get a call back from bank, and she said they also saw flags on the account, thanked me for coming forth, and assured me I was going to get my money back. She too agreed to file with my local police dept.

So I did, I filed and got case number The bank in Canada asked me to send copies to them. Texas police said they would file it and turn it over to the Fraud and Burglary dept. 3 weeks go by. I follow up with Canadian bank, we get into emails, I let her know that no one has contacted me from the bank, and that this website was still conducting business as usual ! I asked her out if curiosity if I was the last transaction that took place? Again she responded as the privacy act, but went ahead and checked and responded No you weren't the last , there has been several other deposits. I can't believe why something can't be done to stop others from being scammed? What is the bank doing? I responded I would like to know when my money would be returned? She said she would check and get back with me.

Finally when I heard back from her she said "I spoke to the risk dept. and they said since the money was deposited into their account. I should get a hold of who I sent it to go release it"? Are you kiddin mr? 1. My number was blocked! 2. There is No company! Why did I call you? Now who am I suppose to call? Was anyone not listening? Is the bank in with the scam? Bank is CiBC in Toronto! Now for 3 days I've been trying to get in touch with the officer In The burglary/fraud dept. I've left 2 voice mails, If anyone can send me any suggestions, attorney information it will be greatly appreciated. But if you plan on emailing on how stupid I was to fall for it, make sure you've gone to the websites and blogs etc. you won't call me stupid. The police did and couldn't believe how real it was and legit. Plus she sold the dog I purchased again to the caller. Yes! True.

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