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Portable On Demand Storage

Country United States
State Alaska
Phone 877-770- (7637)

Portable On Demand Storage Reviews

  • May 15, 2018

Company billed us for fake insurance, destroyed are belongings, backed out our AAA discount and charged us double what they quoted.

  • Feb 22, 2018

First, it's extremely expensive to rent a moving pod. $180 for the smallest one they have. Which I wasn't aware of when we got the thing. I have paid it for a few months now I can no longer pay it. I called to try to get into the pod and get my whole family's social security cards, birth certificates and marriage documents only for the account manager to tell me that he doesn't care if they are in there and if it goes to auction, they ask nicely to give that back to the pods company. I am a month behind- which I cannot afford anymore. I tried to set up a payment plan to pay my existing balance and he refused. It took two days for them to even call me back. He told me to look online to see my account-which is locked out by them- and that he can't look up anything more than IP address. How can you see my IP and not my name on it? Skip the hassle of dealing with the horrible customer "service" reps and rent a uhaul for storage.

  • Sep 2, 2017

When I rented two units from them I was told that I could remove items from my units at their storage locations and then have the units with remaining items placed back. Later I was told to sign and fax back to them a form that would allow me to do that action along with a Western Union payment for any charges that were outstanding. It was not explained to me the details of what I was signing on th e form. I was not told that by signing the form that I could not return the units if they were not totally emptied and PODS would then sell all the contents. Later on when I called them is when they explained to me what I actually had agreed on the form. Incidentally when I agreed to use the form I was told that my charges could only be settled by sending cash payment thru Western Union.

  • Aug 5, 2017

First, it's extremely expensive to rent a moving pod. $180 for the smallest one they have. Which I wasn't aware of when we got the thing. I have paid it for a few months now I can no longer pay it. I called to try to get into the pod and get my whole family's social security cards, birth certificates and marriage documents only for the account manager to tell me that he doesn't care if they are in there and if it goes to auction, they ask nicely to give that back to the pods company. I am a month behind- which I cannot afford anymore. I tried to set up a payment plan to pay my existing balance and he refused. It took two days for them to even call me back. He told me to look online to see my account-which is locked out by them- and that he can't look up anything more than IP address. How can you see my IP and not my name on it? Skip the hassle of dealing with the horrible customer "service" reps and rent a uhaul for storage.

  • Jul 28, 2017

I moved from the Midwest to the West Coast and used PODS to move our belongings. I originally made the decision to use them because they were significantly cheaper than using a moving company. When I called to set everything up, they told me I didn't need to be present when they picked up the POD with our belongings inside, their driver will make sure it gets picked up and we can go ahead and move. We drove 2000 miles across the country, living out of suitcases for several days. I got a call from the driver today, he couldn't pick up the POD because there are cars in the way. He described the cars and I told him which houses to knock on to have them moved. I get a call back 30 seconds later, was told nobody came to the door to move the cars so they will have to reschedule...for almost a week later!

I was never told in the entire process when signing documents and making the decision to use the POD that they needed a ton of room on the street to be able to pick it up, was never told that the driver wouldn't make much of an attempt to pick it up if there were any obstructions. I called back to tell them my parents could be there later in the day to make sure the neighbors moved their cars, told them I felt I had been lied to when I decided to use them for this move. Not only did they tell me the schedule was full, but they told me if they attempted to pick it up again and it was still blocked they would charge a dry-run fee! On top of that, when I asked if they could help me out and give me a couple extra days at no charge, I was told no, I would be charged for an entire month if we couldn't get it unloaded and ready to be picked back up before our first month was up!

Don't believe everything they tell you, ask a lot of questions, and don't expect them to do anything to try and help find a solution to a complicated problem. PODS has no interest in providing customer service for an odd or challenging situation, they are going to tell you their policies and leave it up to you to deal with the aftermath. When they promise peace of mind, a stress-free move, etc. they are promising that only if you have a situation that matches up exactly with what they want. PODS sets their terms, and you have to figure everything else out.

  • Jun 27, 2017

Please find below some my e-mail communication with PODS moving company.

"Dear Sir or Madam:

On May 27, 2017 your company picked up a container at 10 Red Oak Dr., Williamsville, NY 14221.

The destination point was Pasadena, CA.

On that time, we didn’t have an address or an apartment to deliver our belongings.

Based on the information provided to us by PODS management, we didn’t have to worry because we already paid a month in advance for storage.

The experiation day was set at June 27th, 2017.

We were very aggressively trying to find an apartment to avoid paying extra storage fees.

In addition, we were told to call, at least, 3-4 days in advance and provide the destination address in Pasadena.

On June 22nd 2017, I called PODS customer service and gave them the address of our apartment in Pasadena, CA.

If I am not mistaken, the PODS rep name was Diana.

In the process of providing all necessary information, I was told that I have to pay for another month for storage because the container can be delivered by July 11th, as the closest day.

This statement from PODS was a surprise to me and I tried to explain my point of view:

As I was advised, I called in advance before the expiration day.

The container will be removed from the storage facility and loaded on the trailer. Technically, when the container is loaded and moving, it’s not stored anymore.

I don’t think that I have to be financially responsible for your rules and regulations regarding schedule and moving time.

Unfortunately, my arguments were declined, even though the representative acknowledged the confusion regarding calling in advance and interpretation of the expiration day.

Based upon our strong believe that we shouldn’t pay additional storage fees, my wife called and asked to connect her with PODS customer service manager.

The manager, if I am not mistaken his was James, was extremely understandable and very professional and mentioned to us that it is very busy time for PODS and they cannot deliver my container on June 27th, which is definitely not our problem and we are absolutely not responsible. In conclusion of the conversation, he assured us that an order will be given to conduct a thorough and detailed investigation of the matter and I will be called with an answer.

Unfortunately, instead of a call, I’ve got a message from my credit card company that the PODS is charging me for an additional month of storage.

I didn’t have a choice but to call credit card Company to put the payment on hold and dispute the amount until all issues will be resolved."

A day later, the second e-mail pertaining to Gypsy Moth report


Originally, the signed file was sent to Adrian Archer on 05/26/2017, see attached file and snapshot of the e-mail


Please find attached file that I had problem sending.

This file was attached and sent to Ralph so, I have no idea what’s the problem.

I can see that that the file has the electronic signature on the bottom, see below.

Also, according to the note below, the signature will work with Adobe, what I used. (I believe, this is the watermark)

Note: The electronic signature function on this form works only if the user opens the file in Internet

Explorer or Adobe Acrobat."

She sent me an e-mail back that an Adobe watermark was missed.

I’ve marked the sign in line 9 just below the letter “r” .

Since then, I didn’t get any messages.

Now, you are informing me that the information is missed?

And I can have problems with getting my belongings?

Are you guys kidding me?

What kind of company are running, Mickie Mouse?

A couple of days ago you tried to charge me more for storage even though I called the customer service 5 days before expiration day.

Now you trying to use a scary tactic?

Look, I am sick and tired working with such companies and this what I will do:

1. I need the name of your manager

2. I need the name and an e-mail of your president or CEO to inform about all matters

3. I will place my thoughts and comments on the internet. Trust me, they wouldn’t be favorable.

4. I will immediately contact my lawyer because this kind of conducting a business cannot be ignored and left unpunishable

Please reply ASAP.

Subject: Missing Gypsy Moth Form

Dear Customer,

We’re writing to inform you that we require additional documentation to complete your move. Currently, we show that we are missing your Gypsy Moth Form which is required by the state of California.

To learn more about California’s Gypsy Moth process and to complete the required checklist form, CLICK HERE.

Please note that if this document is not submitted, we will not be able to ship your container.

This documentation must be provided to us 5 days prior to your container’s scheduled transport. We highly recommend that you complete this paperwork as you load your container as it requires you to examine the items you are transporting across the California border.

The Agriculture Department of California requires that the Gypsy Moth form be filled out by you and presented at the state’s check point at the time your container crosses the California border. We’re happy to present this form to inspection officials on your behalf, but need you to provide us the completed checklist.

Please print the checklist and review all identified items; for each listed item that you are moving please visually inspect them and place a check in the box to signify that the item is moving and has been inspected. If you are not moving an item identified on the list simply leave it blank.


Certain items on this checklist will mandate an inspection and since we do not possess the key to your container’s lock we will not be permitted to move your container across the California border. The transportation of any of the following items will make it impossible to complete your move:

Motorized Boats


Motor Homes

Recreational Vehicles



House Plants

Barbecue Grills

Propane Tanks


Tractors and Trailers

Trees, Shrubs, and Plants

Cars or Trucks

When complete, please email the form to [email protected] Electronic signatures are accepted when applicable. To complete the electronic signature you may need to save the form onto your computer and follow the prompts to create the electronic signature.

Please do not submit the form to the driver picking up your container as these forms must be provided to our corporate office to ensure proper documentation.

If you cannot return this form via e-mail, please contact us immediately to make other arrangements.

If you have already submitted the form, please disregard this email.

Thank you for your cooperation.

  • Jun 24, 2017

My POD was delivered 5/30/17. I packed it and they picked it up 6/2/17 with a delivery date at the destination of 6/16/17. I received a call letting me know on 6/14/17 that the POD never left my original town and had been sitting there for 12 days and never left. They said they would put a rush on it and get it delivered by 6/24/17. I received a call on 6/22/17 they POD would now not be delivered until 6/27/17. I asked where the POD is they could not tell me. 30 minutes later I get a call that it now will not get delivered until 7/3/17 (over a month from them picking it up for delivery to its new location in NH, which I was informed would take 11 days). I just looked on-line and my POD account says it will now not be delivered until 7/5/17. All the while they keep charging my credit card 284 for POD delivery fees on top of the 4500 I already had to pre pay for moving fees.

I am still without my household goods. They cannot or will not tell me where my POD currently is. I feel as though I just paid to have my belongings hijacked. I have no idea where my household belonging are they will not tell me they keep saying that logistics has that information and that they do not have a telephone number for them. Where are my belongings? Why charge my credit card for delivery fees when you have not delivered my POD. What a RIPOFF do not give this company your credit card or your goods.

  • Jun 22, 2017

I have stored my furniture with PODS for 2 years while we searched for property and had our home built. PODS initially said it was no problem that I didn't have a destination address and happily accepted our storage fee payments for 2 years, only to now tell us that our new area is outside of their delivery zone.

Their refusal to deliver my pod is outrageous for many reasons: (1) they advertise that they can accommodate cross-country moves; (2) my new area is listed on their website as a serviceable area; (3) my new area is less than 30 miles from my original location and only 45 miles from the current facility my pod is being stored at; and (4) it was never mentioned or warned OR stated in the contract we signed that there are many areas they do not service. If that was the case, you would think they would be diligent in explaining that to us since we didn't have a final destination address.

I truly believe they were happy to store our container without a final destination address as that meant they can collect overpriced storage fees in the meantime (you pay for the convenience of only loading and unloading your belongings one time). They advertise they can move containers cross country yet won't move my container 45 miles away, even after collecting thousands of dollars in storage fees over 2 years. Do not use this company for storage, and I've even read hundreds of reviews of poor service, damaged belongings, late deliveries, the list goes on. I now have the added expense and hassle of having to drive TO THEM to unload my stuff and deliver it to my new address myself. I have heard from many people that are interested in pursuing legal action against PODS for their deceptive advertising.

  • May 26, 2017

Made arrangements with PODS to move from Ohio to Colorado. I have been in Colorado for three weeks to find a job and an apartment. Called to make arrangements for delivery only to be told that the container was still in Ohio and that I should have called them to tell them to move the container. WHAT?! So I made the arrangements, paid them the money and then I should have called them to tell them to move the container?! Are you serious?! Do I need to drive the truck for them too? Now it's going to cost me nearly an extra $1800 dollars to stay at a hotel because they can't get my container to me until two weeks later all due to their incompetence and idiocy. Absolutely inexcusable.

  • May 13, 2017

My family moved from Hawaii to Arizona and used PODS to move the bulk of our belongings. We set up a delivery for our PODS container to a storage facility about 45 miles from our new home because PODS won't deliver outside of a 50 mile radius from their storage facility in Phoenix. I was given an incorrect delivery time (window of 3 hours) on the confirmation email from PODS for the container delivery. I immediately called back and asked them to correct the time to a morning delivery, since that was the original agreement when we set up delivery, and that was the time we were available to meet the deivery driver for the PODS container. The PODS representative told me the delivery of our container would be between 7am and 10am on the delivery day.

On the delivery day, the 7-10am came and went. I began calling PODS to find out what was happening, and it turns out they LIED about when the delivery would be. They broke the agreement, cost me money for a uhaul truck and a uhaul storage facility, and now they are attempting to extort me for an additional amount of more than $700 to have the container delivered so I can get my belongings. I have recorded my conversations with PODS since the delivery day, when they failed to show up as promised (Arizona is a one-party state for recording conversations, so I am well within my legal right to do so), and they refuse to own up to the promises they have made that I have on record. I revoked authorization with them to charge my credit card they have on file (that is recorded too), yet they have continued to charge it. I have tried to remove the credit card from their file, but it won't let me delete the card on file without replacing it with another.

There are 4 days until the scheduled re-delivery of my PODS container with my items, yet I STILL don't have a time for delivery. I was told by the "supervisor" (if he really is), that they are using a delivery driver on overtime that day, and that is the ONLY delivery they are doing that day, just to resolve my issue, but they can't confirm a time for delivery? If they are in fact ONLY doing my delivery that day, that should be the EASIEST delivery to confirm a time for. I made it very clear to the "supervisor" that both my husband and I will not be there, so we will have to hire movers to unload the items into our house, so we MUST have a confirmed time to hire the movers.

We want our belongings and we need the bleeding to stop. PODS is nickel-and-diming us to squeeze every penny out that they can. This is EXTORTION. I was asked by the "supervisor" on my last conversation with him, "is this agreeable to you?" (To have our container delivered on the only day they will deliver, without any confirmation of a delivery time, and with the exorbident amount of ADDITIONAL charges.) I made it very clear that I DO NOT AGREE WITH IT, BUT I AM BEING FORCED TO ACCEPT IT because it is the only way I can retrieve my belongings from PODS because the items are being HELD HOSTAGE.

PODS needs to:

1- Deliver my items with a guaranteed time of delivery that is kept

2- Refund the last month of storage charges from PODS because it is their fault they continued to have my belongings into another billing cycle for storage (after they failed to deliver my container as promised)

3- Reimburse me for the 2 months of storage at uhaul and the uhaul truck rental that I incurred based on their failed delivery promise for the initial container delivery for me to unload my items

  • Apr 27, 2017

I have had a storage unit with POD for about 2 and a half years. I had to get it because I needed to rent my house when I lost my business. Every time I fall more than 30 days behind they keep threatening to sell my things at auction. This month I have made two full payments and made payment arrangements to make a third and they still set my things to go to Auction. I am making the payment tomorrow but the fact of the matter is I told them I had lost my job and had been working hard to get it caught up. I was planning to make the payment tomorrow anyway, it just seems because the scum of the Earth bill collector Cary that they assigned to my account has never gotten laid or had any position of power in his life, that he would take advatage of the fact he knew I was getting the check tomorrow so he added extra fees.

Don't ever use this company. They are over priced and all they do is scam people and prey on them when they are in vulnerable positions and and the hardest times in their life.

  • Apr 6, 2017

As of April 5 2027 we were repeatedly told we owed more to pods than we new we did. Kira hagerman of the collections insisted no matter how I asked to prove what we owed extra, that she could not provide with a month by month balance. We were told all sorts of things in a 30 min conversation from we only paid 75 percent of what we owed , and that we were 6 months behind after paying 1100 dollars in a four week period. She said we owed 914 dollars still. After getting of the phone we found a certified letter from pods itself that proved we were right and only owed 400 dollars. We were appalled at being overcharged even after asking for constant documentation which we were denied unlawfully . We had complained for over a year about being overcharged and were told different balances that increased without documentation of proof.

If we would have paid the 914 as we were told or our stuff would go to auction, we would have been scammed / overpaid by 500 dollars.

It was only through our due diligence that we proved pods was over charging us. They blamed it on a new AX accounting program that does not credit customers for there payments as told to us by two employees at pods customer service. So how many people have been effected by these accounting errors ? Are we to believe that over a year and hundreds of dollars we were the only one? Pods is taking no responsibility for the overcharging and has not even called us back since we proved them wrong. This same accounting/ collections department now has my account information and takes money as they feel.

  • Jan 24, 2017

I had been dealing with a very big issue. I had talked to over a 2 dozen different customer service representatives, 4 account managers, emailed cooperate and filed a BBB CLAIM. No one could seem to help me. I had been billed incorrectly and charged for redelivery fees that never happened. I would talk to a representative and they would say sorry and fix the charges to then receive a phone call saying my items were up for auction.......I had already had my pods dropped off and unloaded one pod sat out in front of house for 2 1/2 weeks because the pod wouldn't fit in my driveway. They said they would be back the next day to pick it up. Never showed for weeks. Anyways I kept getting phone calls saying that my stuff is going to be put up for auction when my stuff was already in my house and I have been moved in for over a week. Every time I called customer service to schedule a pick up they said my account is on hold for a past due balance. I did not have a past due balance I paid all my bills on time because my credit card was on file and was automatically debited every month. I called pods and arranged a drop of for the pods for February 6th and they never showed. (I had emails to prove all this). The pod never arrived I called and they said a drop off was never scheduled! So I had to schedule again for the following Saturday because they couldn't deliver pods that day. So that made me have to live in a house with no beds or kitchen supplies for a week with three kids. No furniture or cooking utincels!!! I receive email saying that my account is past due for a very large amount and they charged me redelivery fees which I never made any, redelivery's?.......they never showed up the first date I arranged! They told me they had no record of it and a week later they sad I asked to redeliver on a different day? Omg! All of this is lies and FRAUD! They continued to call and claim a balance was past due for redelivery charges and my stuff is being sold at auction. After two weeks of this all I was trying to do is get the pod picked up. It was empty, all of my stuff was moved in and it had been out on the street for 2 1/2,weeks. I had tickets from the police for it being there (which I got waived thank goodness). I contacted so many cooperate people and the BBB. They finally picked the POD up 2 1/2 weeks later and never heard from them again until last night (almost exactly a year later) I got a call at 8pm that I was sent to collections over a past due balance of redelivery charges.....I'm so upset it's been a year after this night mare and it's back. NEVER use pods! I'm going to court tomorrow to file an action against them.

  • Dec 13, 2016

Filoed two previous reports but semm to have disappeared from system. Appears there is complication in allowing the public consumer from learning about this computer website run business under the name of pods

Pods has over $6,000 of my hard earned money and savings as well as my pods contianter contents valved at around $50,000.

As a customer of pods enterprises pods container was packed by us. Scheduled for pick-up and to delivered in nashua new hampshire. We paid in full the $1,600 for transporting to new hampshire plus prepaid the pod delivery charge of over $370.00.

We arrived in new hampshire before our container arrived. Second day in new hampshire, notified of a death in the family. Left new hampshire and our life was drastically altered. Had to go to california and then return to new mexico.

Contacted pods enterprises explained our situation and made arrangement for our container to be shipped back to new mexico, as soon as possible after arriving in the pods enterprises storage yard location in nashua, new hampshire.

Months later we are still trying to get oue personal property returned to new mexico. Pods enterprise as ripped us off for over $3,000, we did not owe. But we needed our pods container shipped to new mexico, so we disputed the claim of an unexplained amount of $3,000 worth ofr charges and fees being demanded or our property would be sold.

Paid what we knew was not owed and still have not receioved our pods container. Pods enterprises has full control over our lives as it pertains to everything we already own and need for our employment and household as all our clothes, shoes, coats etc.

We are now being threaten by pods enterprises accounts receivable collectors. Our account is paid in full including an additional $3,000 we do not owe but paid to regain control of our personal property.

Now pods enterprises is still holding our pods container from being shipped from new hampshire back to new mexico. Pods is demanding another $3,000 to be prepaid before releasing our container.

No accounting for this outrageous new charge, but to hold us the custmer and our pods container hostage, as a cash cow for pods enterprises, llc a yearly multi- billion dollar operation.

I strongly suggest you stop and think twice for going online and using what has beeen our experience as an unfair, deceitful and corrupt business known as pods enterprises, llc

  • Nov 28, 2016

This all began in May 2016...I was escaping an abusive relationship and had only three days to leave the home with my children. We packed up everything we could in a hurry, and I made a desperate call to PODS. The first guy I talked to was just an amazing customer service rep. He was super helpful and empathetic to my situation. At the time, I had no money (few days to payday), and could only get the funds in cash for deposit via western union from my sister in California. He worked it out to where I'd only need 107 to have them bring the pod and set it up to so that I could pay via money order to the delivery driver.

When the delivery guy got there, he seemed very confused about why I was using a money order and had to call the office to verify that it an acceptable form of payment. It took forever, but we finally got the go ahead, he took our payment and left. Fast forward about a week, and I'm noticing that the money order has yet to be credited to my account. I called PODS and spent hours trying to figure out what in the world happened to my deposit. No one could give me an answer! A few people even hung up on me just because they didn't want to deal with it. I tried calling the company that issued the money order, but was told it would cost me 25 dollars to have it sent back to me. I'm losing money if I ask for a refund? Ugh! So back to PODS I go. I spent the next few months making my payments for everything but the 100 they were claiming I still owed. I started to fall behind a bit on bills which resulted in smaller payments, but I got a job in October.

At that time, I went to settle the balance in full (minus the 100) which was about 324 and some change. The normal bill was 213.94. Because I was 'so far behind', they placed my account in lock status which forced me to work with a Robin Merrill in their accounts receivable department. She wanted me to pay off everything including the money order that was never credited to my account. I asked her, why would they leave the pod if deposit wasnt made? She agreed that they would not have authorized that and told me not to worry about the hundred and she would investigate further. I thought to myself, finally, someone who gets it! However after the 324 was charged, the very next day...a charge for 100 showed up in my account from PODS. I was livid!

I spent a week and a half going back and forth with Robin via email asking her why she lied and being her to refund the money back. I am living in motels with my children until I can build my credit enough to get permanent housing (went from 470 to 619 in two months and still working on it). She feigned sympathetic but eventually just stopped replying and nothing has changed. Because of that 100 mishap, it threw me so far off budget and I'm still trying to recover several weeks later.

Today, I check my bank and they have me on auto debit for payment. I can only afford to give them half because of the mess they've created for me with their shady business practices. I called in for help....only to be transferred to the voicemail of the lovely Robin Merrill. I left a message anyway, but I know she doesn't care. She's not investigating anything. Even with the proof staring her in the face, she claimed the money order eventually credited. But you can see it from the very beginning, that extra hundred always showed as owed. Right up until she charged me for it without my consent. I am begging everyone who reads this, not to do business with them. I work customer service and I can tell that these people don't care as long as they get you for every dime they believe they're entitled to no matter how they get it.

  • Jul 29, 2016

Scheduled a POD to be delivered on the 27 of this month. Set up billing so that my initial payment would be on the 22nd. On the 20th, PODS takes payment early, and also charges me for a second installment that I was not aware would be charged yet.

I call the customer service number, and cancel the order prior to the POD being delivered, and am told that my refund will show up in 3 to 5 business days. Here I am, well past when the refund should have showed up in my account. I call to inquire about the refund, and the CSR tells me that they have not even processed my refund yet, and it will be another three to five days before I will get my refund.

I tell her that this is unacceptable, and she says something about issuing a release to my bank, which I need to give her the fax number for. I call my bank, and they inform me that the release notification only works if the payment has not posted, which of course it has. I call back, and ask to speak to a manager, and I am sent to someon'e voice mail. I am so furious right now, if I lived in Clearwater Florida, I would go ot their corporate offices and defacate right on their lawn. During business hours even.

  • Jul 29, 2016

My story reads identical to that of "Joel, Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania... with the exception of geography and that P.O.D.S. still has my studio apartment in their container which I am currently billed monthy for.

My quote went from $2600, to $4300, to $4900 and then during the duration of my last call the price jumped $5100 to $5300 in under 120 seconds. I am crushed here in this very moment. I was warned by "the agent of the day" it will hit $7000 and beyond...

Today I am anoymous out of fear, and in hope I will get my home, but I won't be forvever.

  • Apr 23, 2016

On a cross-country move from Boston to Seattle, PODS managed to drop our whole POD from a pretty decent height before it even left the Wilmington depot. It was so bad they had to move (what was left of) our stuff to a new POD since the old one was broken. We had an adjuster come out and look at everything, and basically all of our furniture, paintings, and even our mattress (~$20k total) were trashed.

They even messed up our insurance, quoting me 20k but only providing me 15k, and have said that I won't get a refund of even part of our $4,800 fee since they "still provided a service". I feel like we would have been better served just tossing our stuff randomly in a moving truck and hoping for the best. Terrible company, and I will recommend everyone avoid them like the plague.

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