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Poor Boys Hot Rod

Country United States
State California
City La Habra
Address 851 E Lambert Rd
Phone (562) 694-8013

Poor Boys Hot Rod Reviews

  • Mar 14, 2018

Dan, the owner of Poor Boys Hotrods has a long sorted history of ripping people off. I recently became a victim as he $$$$$ for the restoration of my rare Cougar XR7 and never did the work. continued to deter , excuse, and lie about progress, purchases, and the over all care of my car and the associated parts. after a year of trying to get the work done for money provided I had to have my car removed . having to do so with police on site. at the time of collection many of the purchased parts were not there.. and the fully restored 351 Cleveland engine in disrepair. as the car and parts were left outside in the rain. after dong more research I found many complaints and legal challenges.. associated with him and his business. stolen parts, damaged cars, complaints on every level and authorities each time as well. He also had been running a RV rental compnay Sun Coast RV.

This service has now been stopped as the RV's have been Repossessed. I am now filing suit for the total out of pocket plus the almost 50,000 associated with the reconditioning and body work, reapairs. Stay away from this guy...!!! he is bad news and will rip you off.

  • Jul 6, 2017

My husband brought his 1963 Lincoln Continental to Dan Sobieski's Poor Boys Hot Rods in October of 2015. He was so excited to be working on this refurbish. Well today his big dream became a nightmare when he needed to call the police and and a flat bed tow truck almost 2 years later to drag that car out of this scam shop. Sadly, $107,000.00 was sunk into the scam project before he could get his car back. The original estimate for the job was $70,000.00. Laughable.

The Lincoln has no engine, drive train, no steering, no suspension, no stereo, no top, chipping paint (hood never painted), most of the lights and original parts missing, chrome peeling, dents, no air conditioning, interior unfinished, the list could go on and on. What work that was completed is complete crap and needs to be redone. Mind you all of the invoices say the work is done for these items.

In January my husband was deperate and made Dan give a signed statement to the remaining cost and timeframe for the job completion. He signed it but did not deliver.

Months past. Endless calls, texts, visits to the shop and the car was always out somewhere getting work done. Every time my husband made an appointment, Dan always stood him up. Finally my husband caught him at the shop last week and demanded an address to go find and look at his car. Dan's hands were shaking and he was sweating profusely. He gave my husband a phoney name and telephone number for a shop that supposedly had his car for upholstering. Needless to say the number was a fake and my husband drove around all day up and down the coast at every shop looking for his car. He found nothing.

Dan finally said it was o.k. for Todd to pick up the car on Monday, July 3, 2017 but when Todd showed up with the tow company. No Dan, no car. Dan rudely then told him, after confirming he could pick up the car, that the shop was closed Monday and Tuesday for the July 4th holiday. Finally today the shop was opened and the car was there but no engine and not all the parts were there. We had to call the police to get what parts we could gather. Dan and Audrey are hiding out somewhere of course and too chicken to face up to their scam.

So beware. Don't bring your car here, don't rent an RV from them (they will charge your card for things you did not break or lose and you will not get your security deposit back) Please read all the reviews on YELP, Yellowpages, Facebook, Google Reviews for both Poor Boys Hot Rods and Sun Coast RV & Coach Rentals. Do the homework we did not do and save your money, time and heartache. If you do make a mistake and rent from them or take your car to them, please be prepared to get ripped off. It is what they do and they are excellent at it. Don't be fooled by Audrey, she seems sweet, but she allows for this to happen and helps with the execution. She is not innocent in this.

I hope and pray that we can get our money back and pay a reputable company to finish my husbands dream someday. These people are horrible. If we can save even one family the trouble and money that we lost with these loser, my time in reporting them will be well worth it.

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