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Country United States
State Alabama

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  • Jan 9, 2021

We are seeking information on the forum owner and staff for purposed of litigation and reporting to federal authorities as such advocacy is both civilly and criminally illegal. They hide behind IDs and apparently believe they can get away with domestic terrorism, break any laws and threaten anyone and everyone. Rules prohibiting advocating violence are ignored.

If you can provide any information about the owner and/or any forum staffers, please notify us thru responding to this Rip Off Report or you may contact us anonymously at [email protected]

Any information, even small details may be helpful such as geographic location, age,birthday, gender, any physical description, any event they stated attending, nature of employment, school or school of graduation, any organization they belong to and certainly any photos of themself, associates for with location background, which federal law enforcement could use for face recognition. Even the smallest detail may significantly narrow the investigation.

The advocacy of violence and terrorism needs to stop, whether is real, hyperbole or trolling. Such advocacy ratifies psychologically unstable people to believe that have widespread support and acting on the violence advocates on This may cause them to feel they will be heroic if carrying out acts of domestic terrorism they read advocated on Such advocacy is highly illegal.

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