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Country United States
State California
City Redwood City
Address 209 Redwood Shores Parkway
Phone 650-628-1500
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  • Sep 16, 2019

This person named Mark Stevens said he was a POGO Customer Services Tech called Monday, 09/16/2019 @ 5:55 pm from 844-243-2786 and said he wanted access to my computer to update my POGO, that I had an outdated version. I believed him and gave him access to my computer after we had a brief conversation.

He told me I did not have to remain by my computer that when he finished, he would call and let me know it was done The next moring, Tuesday, 09/17/2019, I had not heard from Mark Stevens, so I opened my computer around 10:30am, opened my online checking account for my husband and I and found he had performed an online trransaction on both accounts, my account he withdrew $500 and my husband's he withdrew $1500.

I called my bank, JPMorgan Chase, and reported the fraud and they closed and/or froze the account to prevent any further activity. They are going to investigate and it could take 3 or 4 months before this issue is resolved. My husband and I only receive social security and the monies this jerk took from our accounts were monies we had to pay our bills and buy food. Some of the checks written on these accounts will bounce because the accounts have been closed.

I contacted Driver Support for them to take over my computer and see if this Mark Stevens had placed a virsus or some other thing on my computer. He had placed two programs on my computer and he also had it so 14 other people had access to my computer. Thanks to Driver Support this was taken care of.

One last thing, this Mark Stevens, if that is his name, had the nerve to call me again saying he did not do it and wanted me to allow him access again to my computer in order to try and get my money back (do you believe that??) I told him Driver Support had taken care of the problem and I was not to allow anyone ever again, unless I call them, access to my computer. I do not know why he wanted access again, there is no money. Infact my husband's account is overdrawn $44.00 and I only have $.46.

Please people, I was told by Driver Support that POGO, Driver Support, MicroSoft, and any other company will never call you concerning your computer. If you have a problem, you will have to contact them, they will never call.

Well, I have learned my lesson the hard way, never let anyone take over my computer. Also, I am gonig to pray for this person, that Almighty Jehovah God will intervene and touch his heart that he will not have a desire to scam anyone else and give his life to him.

  • Dec 29, 2018

Have pictures of the harrassments, network error, hmm, were having trouble finding that site,, error, an error was encountered while loading required data, etc., everyday electronics arts gives me some kind of problem.always interputes my games.

electronics arts keep hacking into my computer everyday, i playing free pogo games, they dont seem to leave me along, please help me!

  • Apr 30, 2018

As a rule, Electronic arts would bombard us with email reminders that we had a renewal coming up for the game site. This would usually start at least 2 weeks before it was due. We already had our credit card information on their page so they can charge us the 39,99 for the year. This year we were not advised at all. We first rec'd an alert from our credit card company that a charge was pending. Once we found out who it was from, within an hour's time, we were on the pogo site and canceled the account. We had not used this account in almost a year. The confirmation we rec'd was that it was canceled but would not go into affect until the following year or end of the year which they just charged us for. We did not feel this was right since we were canceling the same day of the charge.

We attempted to respond to their emails and it was not deliverable. After researching the internet we found a couple of phone numbers from previous complaints. The first one was 800 979 9206. When we called a gentleman with a very heavy accent answered the phone. We asked if they were affiliated with and he instead asked what we were looking for. We told him we were calling about the cancelation of our account that we were just billed for. He stated we had the wrong department. However, we didn't understand what he had said so I asked him to repeat. He raised his voice as if I am deaf and said "you have the wrong department, you will have to search for a phone number!" then he abruptly hung up on us. I found another number that was 866 546 5435. This does go to Electronic Arts as the recording stated when answered and then proceeded to tell us that this number was no longer valid. We can not find any other numbers for this company and the only things we can find is "online help only".

We went back on the pogo site and wanted to remove our credit card information. We were not allowed to do so. There is no delete button to remove any credit card information. Our next step was to contact our credit card company. She attempted to locate a phone number for Electronic Arts so we could discuss the charges by conference with the credit card company listening in. After about 10 minutes she came back and stated she could not locate any good phone numbers for the company either. If they were running a up and up reputable business I feel they would have made every attempt to be transparent in customer service phone numbers and email contacts. The credit card company told us that being we had the credit card on their webpage then we were going to be held responsible for it unless we could make contact with someone from EA which at this point does not look possible.

  • Dec 18, 2017

On 10-1-2017 i won a daily drawing of $50 a i filled out the claim form for the prize over 60 days went by i never received my prize i wrote pogo several times and they said that they sent the prize i never got it they said theyd send it agian i never got it then they said when i filled out the page to claim the prize thats all i get i didnt get a actual prize like they claimed i would we pay $40 a year to this web site the lease they can do is pay out the prize they promise to people they won but no they schem you out of them one way or the other know one on this site has ever got a prize they won as far as i no i been playing for 10 years and i think its wrong that they are getting away with this they have no issues taking money from us to pay for the games we play tho billions of people pay to play these games i think they need to be investegated for fraud because they are a fradulant company

  • May 29, 2017

My free trial on Club Pogo ended on May 9th. That day I finally reched them to request a refund since payment had alredy been taken. After many emails and a phone contact I received an email saying my refund would take 24 to 48 hous, but I never received it. I continued to use the site because I was told I could do so until my matter was resolved which would only take a few days. I never receied a debit to my checking account, I have attempted to contact them again to no avail. The email they sent confirming thay would refund my acct has disappeared from my inbox, yet every other comunicatiion I received from them remains. I don't know how they did that but I flagged that email and it is gone. SCAM

  • Aug 17, 2015

Club Pogo has NO SECURITY in place to protect their website. They will allow HACKERS into your account who may also download a VIRUS. They will then do NOTHING to correct the problem THEY CREATED. I have placed several calls and wasted hours with their so-called “Tech Support” (overseas call center) who HAVE NO KNOWLEDGE on how to trouble shoot a computer. They emailed me a link to reset my password three times but the link was broken AND THEYDIDN'T EVEN KNOW HOW TO FIX THIS SIMPLE PROBLEM. Club Pogo and Electronic Arts are so well hidden that it is impossible to contact them and speak with anyone. They will however continue to debit your bank account for their monthly fees. This is nothing but SIMPLE THEFT to accept money for an account that does not work and they refuse to fix. Club Pogo/Electronic Arts are nothing but SCAMMERS. Please be very careful before your agree to create an account with them. READ THE THOUSANDS OF REVIEWS ON THE INTERNET FROM MEMBERS WHO HAVE BEEN CHEATED. I plan on filing a complaint with the Better Business Bureau in their city to see if they can do anything but based on the never ending complaints I have read online I might not get anywhere. THIS IS A VERY DISREPUTABLE COMPANY. If you are already a member BE VERY CAREFUL. Based on the information I have seen they probably won't be in business much longer BUT THEY WILL STILL HAVE YOUR BANKING INFORMATION.

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