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Country United States
State Oregon
City Ashland
Address P.O. Box 3561
Phone 541-897-0267

Poetryfest Reviews

  • Jan 6, 2018

I have been with poetry fest "famous poets" for awhile now. They usually have been good about publishing my poems. I know there's a waiting period which I understand. What had happened I had mailed in a poem written about a friend I lost without the proof read sheet! Instead of sending back the copy of the poem asking if it was all correct I was brushed off but my check was cashed. Now I did have another poem over another friend they were supposed to be working on I did get the proof read sheet back on that! The check there was cashed as well! But when I try calling no one picks up anymore it saids the person your trying to reach the mailbox isn't set up. I've written them over & over, but I never hear back from them! Now when I try & send them emails it's like the address there has changed or something as well as the sight! I'm really worried. In the past I almost ran into this issue back when there was a worker that handled the poems being published but because he stopped working for poetry fest it took a lot longer for the poems to get published! That's when I called & was told then what was going on! But now I have sent many letters I've called & tried to email them but I get nothing. So I feel like they might had eventually con me! Which I'm still in shock them publishing my poems from the past! I think it's terrible one of the poems based over the loss of a sweet dear friend. The other poem being over a friendship through trials & triumphs! I'm in disbelief over this company to why they can be so cold brushing off my messages if this is their intentions to blow my poems off but yet they can take the money along with those poems!!

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