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PODS Moving & Storage

Country United States
State Florida
City Clearwater
Address 13535 Feather Sound Drive
Phone (855) 706-4758

PODS Moving & Storage Reviews

  • Mar 9, 2021

Would have been better Jumping Off a Bridge While Lit on Fire with all of our belongings go up in flames. Worst experience of our lives, PODS has zero operating conscience failing at every level. Extremely Disturbing 'Business as Usual' at PODS.

Additional Out of Pocket Costs $1782 for PODS Operation Failures at EVERY turn repeatedly over and over again with an additional $11,000+ of damaged contents arrived DESTROYED after POD was Both Delayed on multiple occasions & totally Lost BY PODS.

Operation Failure of PODS from Sales, to San Diego Pod drop off, complete failure of San Diego Operations, Driver dropping off Pod refusing to execute what sales sold, while at the same time confirming onsite he could have done it. No Time Stamp of Delivery and POD or POD number information by Diego Ops with Complete loss of actual POD itself that could not be located by PODS while in possession of Pods. Inoperable Website. Not able to start transport to Florida due to missing Diego Time Stamp leading to over 1 week delay with ZERO compensation. Incompetent Customer Service on every level leading to literally dozens of empty phone calls.

Failure FL Ops not fulfilling their own designated delivery date or designated pick up date. FL driver arrived refusing to drop in front of home door because he loaded the POD in the opposite direction and would not turn it around? Really!

Contents severely damaged, completely covered in dirt and smashed up after being tied down professionally with sixteen (16) ten (10) foot cam buckle adjustable straps, boxed, bubble wrapped, cushioned, blankets, peanuts. An almost impossible task of this destruction.

ZERO operating conscience failing at every level no one is accountable, responsible or competent at PODS.

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