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Pod of Diamond LTD

Country United Kingdom
State England
City London
Address 8 Canada Square

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  • Oct 18, 2016

Don Philip Oriabure has been involved in issuing Fraudulent Financial Instruments for tens of thousands of U.S. Dollars, and failed to deliver on the DOA (Deed of Agreement) knowing that he was using false names and information.

On these Instruments he get's the Funds wired, and then issues fake bank to bank communications to make the transaction look official. He even uses Real Bank Names, but then later, doctors (changes) (forges) the instrument to put his own name on them. His M.O. is to delay, and obfuscate and hope that the person who puts up the money will eventually tire of complaining and go away. He has even used a Credit Suise name on them, one: Luther Chiam and involved real people and real bank deposits and yet has no intention of delivering on the Funding. On some other websites his name appears as owing a "30Million Fraudulent Debt"

Numerous requests to deliver on the funding go ignored. Sometimes two or three eMails are sent per day, and there is no response. He also uses another name, a relative, Kate Akran and Kate Akran Oriabure. Another name he uses is Franklin Eze.

Anyone who uses this person as an intermediary in ANY kind of financial transaction should beware, as he will promise a refund, which is against the law. He is to deliver on the Agreement, and abide by it's terms, and hopes that the person who puts up the money will go away with a "simple refund" meanwhile he absconds with their proceeds.

The first sign that you are getting excuses, delays, or you find out that ANYONE is using Don Philip or Philip Don (sometimes he switches up the way he spells his name) should not hesitate to post something on this site, and help others not get ripped off by this guy.

Also, he is a typical Nigerian in that he gets VERY angry very quickly at the slightest hint that you are onto his scam. That is a typical tactic, to blame you for the transaction not working out.

Personally, I have waited over 9 weeks, and all I have gotten are lies and excuses. When I started contacting the Issuing Bank, they said the Account listed was Fraudulent, and that Mr. and Mrs. Oriabure were suspect in the transaction, and to report them to the police as soon as possible.

I hope this helps others who might be involved with this guy, please post a NEW Report on this site, and that is the way to stop this.

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