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Country United States
State Utah
City Kilmarnock
Phone 855-600-7587
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  • Nov 17, 2016

I was interested in using their services to process credit card transactions for my business and went through their online application process providing confidential information about my business and myself including answering some very personal verification questions at the end. On the first try the system said I answerd some questions wrong which I do know two of the questions had me very baffled as they were about things from 20+ years ago which I probably did get wrong.

After the first try I wrote to their customer support and voiced my concern and they encouraged me to try again saying I did not have to get all the questions right. So I did give it another try and by the way the way they come up with the questions is using the last 4 of your social and your drivers license info (again very personal information)

On the second try I again provided all the confidential information and then got to the dreaded verification questons which to my surprise I knew all the answers, one was about a previous address that I lived in with my exwife, one was a question about who lives or has lived with me in the past and another was about when my social security card was issued which I knew because I looked it up in the social security website.

After answering these questions correctly it came up with a screen saying I answered some of the questions wrong and sorry we cannot do business with you! It might ha swell said "Thanks for all the Personal and confidential information"

Beware, its a very flawed system or an elaborate scam that will possibly cause you issues down the road due to all the personal and confidential information you exposed them to!

  • Apr 8, 2016

After seeing an advertisement I switched my CC transactions to EMS+. Big mistake. What I thought to be setting up the account was easy. Then I do my first transaction and submit the batch- two days later they send me a form to fill out and request a copy of my FFL I reluctantly complied, two days after that they sent me an email saying my account was on hold because it was new and they needed to verify more transactions and gave no other info. I tried contacting the person that sent me an email 4x by email and left 6 messages over the course of 6 days. On the 5th email I CCd every email address I could find within the company stating that this is my 6th request to be contacted. The next day he calls me (Andrew) and says he needs a copy of the receipt or invoice from the transaction. I sent it to him immediately. Two more days go by and today I received an email saying my funds are still being held because they want to know where I keep my inventory! Responded to email and asked if they wanted a blood sample as well. I also tried contacting Andrew (who had also sent me this last email) by phone twice with no response. Week or so later they fund my account. 2 months later they have placed my account on hold for a $1000.00 monthly limit that was exceeded but never disclosed and said the account is going to be on hold for 90 days. So over $600 they are basically stealing of mine for months! They said the only way to release the funds would be to request a limit increase, I did, and was denied. I have excellent credit and the gross sales for my company are $15k a month. Stay away from this company at all costs.

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