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Plaza Healthcare

Country United States
State Arizona
City Scottsdale
Address 1475 N Granite Reef Rd
Phone 480-990-1904

Plaza Healthcare Reviews

  • Jan 17, 2017

I ordered a free trial of Follinique hair growth treatment and some vitamins for 4.95 on the internet on Dec 4th. I never recieved the product so i called them back on Dec.10th to tell them i had not received my products. I told them i was no longer interested to please cancel my account and not put any more charges my debit card. They charged my card 64.95 any way. I called them back on Jan 4th to ask why and explained that I never got the free trial and what I had to do to get a refund. They said to call back when i got the product they charged me 64.95 and they would tell me how to get my money back. And cancelled my account for the second time. On Jan 9th I still never recieved any products. So i called back again to tell them I still havent got any products. They told me I would not be receiving any thing that the 64.95 was for the free trial because I never cancelled my account.. I asked to speak to a supervisor and the girl informed me that it didnt matter who i spoke to that the policy wasnt going to change. So i called my debit card co and filed a dispute which opend up a whole other set of problems. They cancelled that card because of the dispute. So I couldnt get a refund on that account even if they intended to give me one. I called them back again, on Jan 15 they refused to refund my money. I said thanks for nothing and hung up. She called me back and offered 30%. I said that was unacceptable and hung up again. She called back and offered 50 %. I told them i didnt think it was right to keep half of my money for a product I never recieved. It caused my card to get cancelled and i wouldnt give them any more of my card numbers even if they did intend to give my money back. I told them to just keep the money if it meant that much to them but i would be filing a report with Rippoff report and the BBB.

  • Oct 25, 2016

I attempted to try a product, by the time I reached the checkout another item had been added. I thought since it was just 4.95 it would be ok. But low and behold they turned around and charged my card after two weeks totaling 69.97 and 64.50. I attempted to communicate with them by phone in the course of a morning I spoke with 4 women who all hung up on me refusing to help. Then the 5 person promised a partial refund but did not provide any confirmation. I've attempted more called but they tell me the same. Major rip off company that should be put out of business.

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