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Platinum Tax Defenders

Country United States
State California
City Simi Valley
Address 5775 E Los Angeles Ave Suite 208
Phone 800-991-3242

Platinum Tax Defenders Reviews

  • Sep 7, 2017

I owe the IRS about 7000 dollars ,I was on payments for 50 bucks a month and had some trouble with my car which lead to me missing 2 payments.So the IRS sent me a letter to pay the whole balance by Oct, but I had untill the 16 of Aug to call them and work something out.So I got nervous cause the letter also read they intend to levy, So I called Optima Tax releaf and.told them my situation and they gave me Platnium Tax Defenders So I talk to Mark Garcia first he said not to worry they would help me and told the charge would be 900 dollars for their services I said ok gave 250.00 right there over the phone from my credit card this was on the 11 or 12 of Aug. 2 days later I decieded to go down to the IRS building myself to speak with them about my failure to pay and they reinstated me no problem at the cost of 89 dollars good for me Im back on payments and dont need Platnium Tax Defenders now .So now the Im calling them and leaving messages and emails every chance I get trying to get a refund on my 250.00 I gave 2 days prior but no response for a week 1/2 .No one returns my phone calls or emails I got proof of every email I sent to them cause I keep them.then on the 31 of Aug they take another 225.00 of my card and Im not even using their services now Im calling about that they still wont return my calls or emails.I had to pay rent and was short 225 .00 that i had to borrow from a familiy member to pay my rent.and then sent me a email on the 5 of Sep telling me my account is negative and how do I exspect to pay for my outstanding balance or my case will be that tells me they went back for more money 5 days after they took!!.

  • Jul 29, 2015

Platinum Tax Defenders wilfully, or neglectfully failed to render my final paycheck within the seventy-two hours that the state of California allows employers to pay employees, upon separation. I communicated to Diane Lang (Human Resources Director) my intention to voluntarily resign, via text message, on Tuesday July 21st, 2015 at 1:29p.m. I stated, "Hello Diane, it's Y*** V********. I am sorry to inform you that I can no longer keep my position at Platinum Tax Defenders. I apologize for any inconvenience." She confirmed that same Tuesday July 21st, 2015 at 1:41p.m. by stating, "Okay, I'll mail your last check to the address we have on file." I inquired about the status of my final paycheck via e-mail on Friday July 24th, 2015. and received no response until Monday July 27th, 2015. Diane's response to my inquiry was "Hi Yair, Mailed out today.. Diane" My final paycheck was mailed out three calendar days after the due date, therefore I am entitled to compensation for the three calendar days the my final wages remained unpaid. Labor Code Section 203 states that: For each day that final wages remain unpaid, a waiting time penalty equal to the employee's daily rate of pay may be assessed against the employer up to a maximum of thirty days. This delay has caused many unforeseen hardships for me including, but not limited to, my cell phone service being disconnected due to financial inability to post payment, in addition to a decrease in morale caused by the stress and anxiey I blame on Platinum Tax Defenders. This is not a case of a disgruntled employee, this is a legal matter. My daily rate of pay at Platinum Tax Defenders was $96.00 per day. I am seeking compensation for the three days that my final wages were delayed; Friday July 24th, Saturday July 25th, and Sunday July 26th of the year 2015. The waiting time penalties that I am owed equal $288.00.

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