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Platinum Property Maintenence & Remodeling Services

Country United States
State Colorado
City Denver
Address 2150 S Bellaire St #205
Phone 1 303-932-5326

Platinum Property Maintenence & Remodeling Services Reviews

  • Jun 18, 2018

I received a quote in September of 2017 from George from Platinum Property Maintenance for my rental property (I live out of state). Around $10k for them to repair my roof, heat tape, gutter and deck. I paid $5k for them to commence work. With the balance due upon completion.

They were able to start work in October. Dec. 5th I received an email stating the project would be completed by Dec. 13th. Then Dec. 14th I received an email stating that they had gone over budget on materials and that they would not be charging me more, but that they were asking for an additional $2k to complete the project. After receiving images of the work that had been completed, I sent them the additional $2k.

It is then that communication from Platinum Property Maintenance ceased. They failed to return my calls, my emails. It wasn't until I threatened legal ramifications on a voicemail that I heard back on March 1rst, 2018. Over 3 months after I had made an additional payment to complete the project.

Well, they apologized, stated that it had been a heavy winter and they were planning on completing the project as soon as the snow melted. So, one would think that after my experience they would be motivated to complete the project. But, a month goes by, no communication. I call, I email multiple times per week. Nothing, no response. April goes by, May goes by, nothing.

Beginning of June, I call them and let them know I've spoken with my attorney and we're putting together a lawsuit. Well, sure enough, I get a call from a Mark, he says he's new to the position. He doesn't know why I haven't been taken care of. But, he's here to make sure my project is completed. He gives me a starting date of June 12th, assures me that he will personally take care of it. June 12th has come and gone and no work has commenced, no call, no email. It's June 19th as I write this review and I've called them and emailed, and again nothing. This is an absolute joke.

It's really laughable at this point. I've been swindled. We're now at 8 months since the job has started. It's not some crazy complicated job, Fix the gutter, put the heat tape up, replace the support beams in the deck that were damaged from the weight of the snow and put the floor boards back on top.

Stay clear of this company! I have never had a worse experience with a business in my life. Just terrible!

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