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Plano Community Home Inc

Country United States
State Texas
City Plano
Address 1608 L Ave
Phone 972-423-6058

Plano Community Home Inc Reviews

  • Dec 5, 2016

I felt harassed, discriminated against, and constructively discharged when I worked at Plano Community Home (West, East, and Pioneer Place locations). I felt that the leadership did not offer me enough support, empathy, and help when I encountered harassment from belligerent customers and their very disrespectful families. I felt that the leadership did not protect my psychological well-being and they did not implement anti-bullying rules effectively. On occasion I felt harassed, disrespected, mocked, defamed, and emotionally abused by some antagonistic residents and their disrespectful families. I felt emotionally abused and unfairly blamed when I tried to politely and professionally resolve customer concerns. I was shouted at and screamed at for no logical reasons. I received phone calls that I felt were harassing, offensive, and threatening. I did not feel prepared at all to deal with that level of suspiciously intense harassment and abrupt emotional abuse. I felt that management did not express concern or empathy for my feelings or for my safety. There seemed to be an escalating pattern of staged incidents, false alarms, false complaints, lying, antagonistic mocking, conflicting messages, passive-aggression, outbursts of rage, and other forms of strange mind games and manipulation that made this workplace very intimidating and very frightening for me. I felt that there was a pervasive pattern of very inappropriate fear mongering as well. I did not feel safe while working there.

Upon hire they did provide checklists and one on one training; however, I felt overloaded, rushed, and very confused during the frantic orientation and systemic walk-through and training sessions at the apartment campuses. There was a lot of fear that the residents would accidently start fires and burn down their kitchens so I was required to be a first responder to fires and to extinguish fires alone. I did not feel prepared enough to be a first responder to fires especially regarding the different type of fires that could happen (e.g., dryer fires, kitchen grease fires, etc.) Each type of fire should be handled differently and cautiously but I did not feel prepared for that at all. I felt very confused and very overwhelmed with the fire panel protocols as well. I felt that management was very unhelpful and very uncaring towards my concerns regarding that.

I felt that some of the keys could have been labeled much better. I didn't feel liked, respected, or appreciated while working there and doing my best to resolve problems. I got very creepy and very unwelcoming feelings around certain bizarre employees and trainers. One older employee would cuss frantically and loudly when around me making me feel very offended, unsafe, and frightened. I felt that I was set up to fail and then unfairly blamed, interrogated, and scrutinized by very disrespectful management. I felt that the job expectations were very unrealistic and very unfair.

Furthermore, the management offered me insultingly low pay for such serious responsibilities which also included responding to emergencies, falls, heart attacks, smoke alarms, floods, random complaints, and various other alarms. Also there was a pattern of enraged complaints made about malfunctioning elevators, malfunctioning washing machines, and dryers.

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