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Phy's Auto Repair

Country United States
State Tennessee
City Rickman
Address 3913 Rickman Rd
Phone 931-319-3504

Phy's Auto Repair Reviews

  • May 2, 2017

I had brought my vehicle to this shop, for my check engine light being on from a tps sensor and i also wanted my valve cover gasket replaced, fuel filter, tranny pan gasket replaced. Well after Mr. Phy ran a computer diagnosis he stated i needed a O2 sensor. He stated he would give me a total price rhe next day. So on 04/23/2017 he called and said the total price would be 320.00 l. So i said ok go ahead and fix everything. When i picked up my vehicle on 0424/2017 everything seemed fine, but 10 minutes down the road check engine light came on and i had no acceleration power. I called Mr. Phy and tolf him what was happening, he stated to bring it back in. So i brought my truck back that evening, after revving and looking under the hood he stated you need a new Tps sensor so i coughed up 66.00 and he put the tps se sensor on my vehicle. Check engine light still stayed on. He then stated I will have to take apart your throttle body. I said can you fix it? He never gave me a straight answer. So i told him i will take my vehicle somwhere else. So the next day i took my truck to the Toyota dealership. After the mechanic looked at my vehicle. He stated and showed my that the fuel filter, tranny pan gasket, and 02 sensor where never replaced. And the tps sensor was put on wrong. So after shelling out a other 105.00 dollars to have toyota fix it. I called mr phy and told him he ripped me off and i want my money back. He denied and said he had proof that parts where changed. Which he never showed me. So as of right now he is ignoring my calls and still hasnt paid me any of my money back. He also has his son working there who can barely read. So if you want a mechanic to rip you off tbis is the guy.

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