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Country United States
State Nevada
City Glenbrook
Address P.O. Box 430
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  • Jun 14, 2016

Never in my life have I ever had to deal with something as low on the ethical totem pole as Leslie Burns. This so-called lawyer (soon to be disbarred if I have anything to do with it) makes its money by finding trivial copyright violations in the dark recesses of old websites and then suing people for outrageous amounts of money. In lieu of an actual lawsuit, she'll settle for several thousand dollars of shake-down money if you are willing to give it to her.

The thing is the actual infringement is generally a piece of stock art worth no more than $50 or so.

I have now talked to almost a dozen victims of Leslie Burns and they all have nearly the same story: They had NO IDEA they were infringing, the actual infringment was viewed by next to no one, and they had no resources to hire an attorney to fight. Most eventually caved in because the relentless tactics this creature uses will eventually cause almost anyone to lose their minds. I have talked to 2 folks who are actually in the process of being suied by this hateful creature (I'll spare the details there but I wish them luck).

This vile creature shoudl not be permitted to practice law.

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