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Country United States
State Illinois
City Schaumburg
Address 105 South Roselle Rd Suite 101
Phone 224.520.1013

Phontronics Reviews

  • Apr 25, 2016


I spoke with Keith at Wheaton when my phone broke. They "fixed my screen" and by that I mean they had new "glass" on it.... that pulled everything to the left of the phone and cutting off my screen. I was fine since I needed it for work right then. They then did their sales pitch on this tempered glass thing.

TOUCH THE DISPLAY! Why? I broke it. I looked at him and raised an eyebrow because it just shattered in my hands so easily.

He said "that's what it's supposed to do, take the impact so the phone doesn't. Your phone is fragile because we replaced the screen."

I asked, "Can it be used with an otterbox?"

He replied, "Of course."

Well, I get home and put my otter box on... ALL I DID WAS PUT ON THE FRICKEN CASE... my new screen shatters. OH BUT WAIT... the actual protector is fine. It DID NOT take the impact, in fact, it caused it.

When I called back I was initially put off and ignored for a few weeks. Finally I called them back and got someone, being the only phone store I know, because I got another phone and needed to get an unlock. I called schaumburg and spoke with Syed, the "owner."

He asked if I dropped my phone, like it matters, isn't it supposed to take the impact regardless? What is the fricken point of it? NOT TO MENTION, my phone just so happened to crack on the left side that they "fixed" exactly in the same crack. These people mess with your phone for more business and than insult, yell at and slander you when you ask them to make it right.

Syed, between sexist and insulting comments, decided to call me a liar among other things I can't type on yelp. He asked why I'd come back if I don't trust them, I told him as a business owner myself people make mistakes and that this was the only place I knew. I was barely finished with my sentence before he was yelling at me again, saying he didn't want my business and to get off the phone. I said, "Oh I'm sorry, I thought you broke my phone on accident, now I see you know exactly what you're doing and you're just mad I won't pay $100 for you to refix my phone."

He probably didn't hear me as he was too busy calling me a stupid b**** and telling me to get a lawyer. Kind of a weird guilty reaction for an owner. I asked why he felt so guilty that he just began to attack a customer over the phone. He hung up. When I finally got ahold of someone I told them that I need my phone, I'm a handicapped woman and can't be without my phone that they broke and took all the money I have to fix. That's when the sexist and now ableist (anti-handicapped propaganda, real sick s***) started again and my boss came to me and hung up the phone saying I didn't need that. The department of justice and ADA sounded interested in the way he discriminated against not only a woman, but a disabled person by the attack he brought on me... all because I refused to pay to fix a screen again.

I wouldn't use this company unless you really, really want to be involved with a scam artist and you want to be paying them for the entire life of your phone. If you just want it fixed, go somewhere else that can do it. These guys couldn't fix a lunch for themselves if they wanted. Pure, chauvinistic, ableist people work here... and they need to learn it's not okay to scam people and it's certainly not okay to attack and insult someone for being a woman or being handicapped. Wouldn't you AGREE?

The website guarantees they give you a 90 day warantee... that's if you can get them to do it. They won't even talk to you. They'll just make you cry like they did me.

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