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Country United States
State Alaska
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  • May 6, 2016

I paid for an account with Phone Sheriff last summer. They explained to me that I would need to jailbreak my children's phones. They gave me a company that supposedly had a program to jailbreak the phones. Phone Sheriff gave me the impression that this company would have the ability to jailbreak the phones. However, after I purchased my account with Phone Sheriff and paid the other company to jailbreak the phones, the company told me that the version of my daughter's phones were not jailbreakable and it would be nearly a year before they could figure it out. I contacted Phone Sheriff to terminate my account and recieve a refund. They would never respond to my contacts.

I am a single mother raising my children on a school teacher's salary. The money I paid Phone Sheriff and the jail break company would have bought us a lot of groceries.

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