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PhoneBurner, Inc.

Country United States
State California
City Ladera Ranch
Address 999 Corporate Drive, Suite #255
Phone (888) 859-0550

PhoneBurner, Inc. Reviews

  • May 3, 2016

I was dealing with a company ( )who charges you to use their dialer system services. You can either pay full price which they overcharge to have unlimited minutes to make phone calls with their dialer system or you can pay per minute. The only problem with the paying per minute is that the minutes run double the amount of time that is actually spent on the phone. For example, when you make a phone call if you're speaking with somebody for five minutes they will charge for double that amount of time it will say that you were on the phone for 10 minutes when you were only on the phone for five minutes.

They do this so that your minutes can run up faster so that they can charge you again and again more often. I noticed that I'm getting charged every few days as opposed to being charged once a month. When I try to address this issue to them they told me that they went to their programmers and their programmers told them that there was nothing wrong with the system, they wouldn't even run tests with me.

Which I've done several tests to prove that they're charging you for more minutes then you're actually using. When I try to provide them the proof and for somebody to resolve this matter they continue to ignore me and canceled my service.

Nobody will return my call and nobody will run tests with me so that I can show them that there is a major error in their system. I believe they do not want to test this because they know that they will be proven that there minutes are running more than it should be ran. To any other customers out there who use I would strongly suggest to test the system yourself and to go with another company. If you're using the pay per minutes Option, it will charge you double the amount of time that your actually using the service because they want you to pay more money more often. Buyers beware of the deceptive programming system. It is a total rip off.

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