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Phone Swipe

Country United States
State Michigan
City Troy
Address 250 Stephenson Hwy
Phone 877-806-3595

Phone Swipe Reviews

  • Oct 4, 2016

PhoneSwipe is an outfit I've never heard of, never needed their "product" or ever looked into buying their "product." I recieved an piece of unsolited mail saying I owed them $67.13. with no invoice detail...just advising me to call "collections" to take care of the bill immediately before legal action etc.

I do not intend to pay this scam bill. I do wonder though, if some sort of account was opened with them with my information.

  • Jul 23, 2016

Phone Swipe is a Scam and Ripoff!! They will tell you that they would only charge 2% and .19 cents per transaction but you will see monthly fees which they did not disclose. I even asked them if there's a hidden charge. They said NO. They just charged me $115 from my bank account. I just started my small business and I don't sleep sometimes baking the cupcakes. They took money more than what I make. They take advantage of small businesses!

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