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report scam

Phone Power, LLC.

Country United States
State California
City Winnetka
Address 20847 Sherman Way
Phone 1 888-607-6937

Phone Power, LLC. Reviews

  • Apr 27, 2019

Offer a 2-year pre-pay plan, after the first year another bill is sent for additional fees and taxes. If you choose not to pay the additional fee there is no refund but they will charge $124.00 more that they send to a credit bureau.

The $124 bill is bogus but they believe that they can collect it if they send it to a credit bureau even though they know it is not owed for any service because the service is shut off after the first year if you choose not to pay addition fees.

I did not return a $2 cable with the $20 modem that they wanted back for some reason. Watch these tactics, they are sneaky and if you do not owe them any money report you dispute the bogus bills to protect your credit rating that they feel will get you to pay or they will mess up your credit rating.

Do not let them cheat you out of money or good credit.

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