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Phone Medic

Country United States
State Kansas
City Lenexa
Address 95th and Quivira 11906 W. 95th St. , KS 66215
Phone 913-674-0995

Phone Medic Reviews

  • Oct 16, 2017

Took my working phone to Phonemedics to have cracked glass replaced , when got it back , volume control did not work , forward camera did not work and all screens tinted green . Was told to bring back 1 week later to repair, one week later parts still not there . was told to come in following monday and they will fix . when picked up neither camera worked and microphone did not work. told o come back the following week to get reconditioned phone . picked up and microphone did not work . told to come back that next saturday for replacement phone - didnt show up. I have been paying for a phone that cannot be used for 7 weeks and I was told another replacement wont be in for another 2 weeks. I am being ignored and have less than what I originally brought in . each time they tried to fix it , they broke something else. and I still must pay my phone bill although I dont have a working phone.This copany should have its business license revoked.

  • Aug 10, 2015

This company still has my phone and no one has called me to let me know what is going on. I dropped my phone off to be repaired on Thursday and I was told it would be fixed same day and never got a call or was informed on what was going on. Called next day to only find out nothing had been done. So I came by the store big waste of time their no one had any clue what was going on with my phone or when it would be fixed. However I was told that because the person who had originally wrote the order was off for the next 2 days nothing really had been done to fix my phone. Called Sat and spoke with someone and I was told that the person who was repairing it put on a defective bad part and they replaced the bad part that one of his co workers put on. Great way to throw your fellow co worker under the bus. What a great company to work for. I was told I would receive a call that day letting me know that my phone was fixed and I could come pick it up. No call nothing. Don't do business with this company they don't follow through and throw their coworkers under the bus. I still don't have by phone fixed. Same day now turns into 5 days. They don't care about their customers at all. I would still like my phone fixed and it is not my problem that you put a defective part on my phone when someone from your company tried to fix it. It is not my problem that the person working on it had the next 2 days off and the phone is not fixed. I just want my phone fixed and how same day service turned into 5 days is just very dissapointing. All I want is my phone fixed an someone to follow trough and mean way they say and do what they say.

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