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Phone Lunatics

Country United States
State Florida
City Mount Myers
Phone 239-878-5340

Phone Lunatics Reviews

  • Jul 24, 2018

Hiring Joe Winpisinger was a horrible mistake! I hired Joe Winpisinger out of Mt Myers, Florida to do some lead generation for my real estate business. He previously owned Phone Lunatics and has built a very positive reputation for cold calling and other lead generation services. Because of his positive reviews, I was under the impression that he did business honestly. I would have never imagined the horror. During our call, Joe Winpisinger was very abrasive, direct and business focused. He required me to send payment via facebook due to his bad experiences with agent chargebacks (red flag). I did so not knowing that I would never receive the services purchased nor my money back. Everything was going okay until he found me on Facebook and from that moment he became extremely unprofessional. At first, I humored him in hope that he would just deliver and not give trouble unit he began scaring me with prank calls from other Florida numbers pretending to be prospective clients. Which for a female in real estate is extremely scary. He denied the calls were him until I sent a formal email demanding that he stop harassing me in which he apologizes. After prolonging to delivering on the services I paid for, I demanded a refund. He agreed. He then threatened to contact my Broker and real estate commissioner and create trouble in which I recorded him to protect myself because it became apparent that he is crazy. He has yet to refund me for the services never rendered. I am leaving this review in hopes that no one else becomes a victim on Joe Winpisinger, Phone Lunatics. Please save yourself the time. Do not hire him it's 50% he will deliver.

  • Oct 9, 2019

He got me too!

He scammed me as well and apparently is out scamming others on a daily basis.

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