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Phone Flipping 101

Country United States
State Alabama

Phone Flipping 101 Reviews

  • Mar 2, 2020

The course basically is information about starting a business buying and selling cell phones, Buying on Facebook and selling on eBay or to direct buyers.

David keeps making promises in the course and on his live/recorded phone calls on how he will help with Facebook ads, including paid ads while he is getting put into “Facebook jail,” as he calls it. His accounts were very frequently shut off, on an ongoing basis.

He offered to buy, and did buy Facebook accounts from people who bought his course for $50 to $200 each so he could continue to operate. On some occasions when he posted under someone else’s account he would write “this is Dave.”

Students were complaining on his calls that their Facebook accounts were being shut down. His partner Billy at Gem Star in New Jersey had his account shut off following David’s “instructions.”

I had hoped that he would provide a solution as he said he would so that we could properly post on Facebook, buy phones and run a business as he advertised. That did not happen. After listening to broken promises from David over and over and students complaints, I decided that this was not a direction I would be going in.

This course was definitely not at all as advertised and he refuses to refund your money.

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