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Phoenix Woodworking Corporation

Country United States
State Illinois
City Woodstock
Address 2000 Duncan Pl
Phone 1 815-338-9338

Phoenix Woodworking Corporation Reviews

  • Dec 29, 2018

I wish I could give zero stars. I started out with great hopes of the amazing cabinets that they show on their website and handouts. But a grown a** adult was more interested in talking about paintball and how awesome he was. It started very well with his sales guy meet with us and made us feel comfortable with everything. Invited us to the shop in a town that is several hours away which seemed good. Brian the owner insisted on a large deposit. As time went on we realized why he demands a deposit "to get on the schedule" is because he is broke and can't fund his current job. We got every excuse in the world as our timeframe came and went without cabinets. He was sick, tools broken, truck broken, wife sick, kids sick, dog sick, cat sick (literally an excuse they used). I could go on and on. The quality was crappy, the old man that does the install was argumentative and hateful. Helped himself to our private bathroom. It went on and on. Finally, we accepted a piss poor final product just to get them out of our house. We had a real cabinet guy come and finish/fix the cabinets. Do yourself a favor and run the other direction

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