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Phoenix VA Health Care System

Country United States
State Arizona
City Phoenix
Address 650 E Indian School Rd
Phone 602-277-5551

Phoenix VA Health Care System Reviews

  • May 24, 2017

The Phoenix VA hospital has implemented new rules for care of chronic pain patients. I went in for an appointment with the VA. Pain clinic. I have been a pain patient for years. I have never abused my medications and I take the very least that I can take and still have a quality of. Life. Meaning that I can get up and be able to work. I have had extensive work done on my back since 2010 till now. I have spent every penny I had getting myself from a wheel chair to walking again. I have run put of money to keep being a self pay patient so I turned to the VA. In the last 6 months I have had 18 nerves killed in my back to keep my pain levels down . I am having an epidural in the following month. I use all of the tools that I can to control my pain. I use heat rubs, and prescription numbing creams. I use braces and compression gloves and socks. I take vitamins for pain. I use botanical teas. I journal and go to therapy. I use displacement therapy. I use a tens unit daily. At any rate I went for my appointment at the VA pain center and was told that the VA under new guidelines will no longer give pain patients pain medication. They will offer some of what I already do to help keep my pain levels low enough to be able to have a life. With out my medications I literally can get off of my couch. I am not an addict and I do have insurance sp that I can continues getting pain management away from the VA hospital. This whole thing though is making the vets pay the price for the heroin addicts that are put there. I don't feel that a true chronic pain patient should have to pay for a bunch of addicts. This doctor even tried to prescribe to me that antidote for overdose. I got pretty upset because I don't drink and I don't take enough of a pain med to come close to overdose. I take as very little as I can get away with taking. I Evan skip days when I have lesser pain levels. I am in pain 24/7 but I can live with a pain level of 5or 6. I take my meds when my pain goes up to an 8 or 9. Then only to get it back down to a 6 pain level. I have the option of not going to the VA. I earned my right to go to the VA and so did every other vet. This makes me wonder how many vets will choose to commit suicide or turn to heroin as the VA. Implements this new no opiates mandate. I am a true pain patient. I have never been a drug addict and I have never Evan thought of taking an illegal drug. I can not turn to marijuana for pain because I don't like the way it makes me feel. The high or what ever is way to much for me. I truly think that the VA. Is creating a problem that will see alot of vets turn to heroin and die or just die from self inflicted means. If you take away a person's quality of life and they can no longer function then that is a real good incentive to turn to drugs or suicide. My personal opinion is that pain medication should be legalized like in the united kingdom. Let the addicts all rather die or get better. We need to look at the fact that they don't have this problem over the pond in Britain. When you give people a reason to live and the freedom to choose they do much better than playing like a big many state.

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