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Phoenix Restorations

Country United States
State Maryland
City Keymar
Address 5907 Keysville Road
Phone 410-446-1953

Phoenix Restorations Reviews

  • Sep 13, 2016

I am very angry with Sean McGee of Phoenix Restorations. He not only sold me a defective crankshaft and previously a bad block and heads but when I brought up the issue to him he started to cuss me out. He called me some filthy names over the phone before he chose to hang up on me. This guy is running his business out of what appears to be his house. I went there to pick parts up the first time and was like "what on earth is this?" but no being judgemental and knowing he had the parts I needed I chose to do business with him. That's where my mistake was. This is not the first he has sold me a bad part. All I did was talk to him about the bad crankshaft and needing him to either replace it with a good one or refund my money. And apparently for that I was cussed at and verbally abused. In my opinion absolutely unprofessional and disgraceful. Sean McGee and his backyard mechanic shop should be avoided at all cost in my opinion. He is quick to sell you a part but difficult to get him to do the right thing when he sells you a bad part.

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