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Phoenix Internet

Country United States
State Arizona
City Phoenix
Address 2922 W Clarendon Ave
Phone 602-234-0917

Phoenix Internet Reviews

  • Apr 14, 2019

We live paycheck to paycheck. they took money from different weeks and tried to mess up house payments, car payments, etc and refused to accept any accountability.

They stole money from our bank aacount and now are refusing to end the service as well, even threatewning to charge us more and continue overdrafting us. We have blocked them from taking any further money and reporting them, but s.o.l. on getting our money back or keeping this off our credit

  • Nov 5, 2016

Company said it could supply over the air internet service to my address. They also said they had 24/7 Tech support.Advertize 99.9 % conectivity and 15MPS speed. They came and installed the hardware on Thursday and left. The internet was very spotty with poor signal streangth and slow speed. Woke up the next morning on Friday and no internet at all. Called Tech support and they called back in 5 hrs and said that someone downtown had not entered my account number so the system cut me off. He then told me my Router might have a Virus ???? Not possable or so highly imporbable that it is unbelivable. Told them fine I will hook up another Router. Hooked up another Router and then called Tech. They called me back Saterday 28 hrs later!!!!. They then told me it would be Mon till it would be hooked up. Horrable service and false advertising and the Tech guys lie to say everything is your fault not theres. Do not deal with them. Eddy

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