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Phillip Maldonado

Country United States
State Florida
City Brandon
Address 1016 Croydonwood Cir
Phone 813-417-5696

Phillip Maldonado Reviews

  • Feb 6, 2019

Sellers no matter what you do, if you get a sale from Philip Maldonado that lives in or near Brandon Florida, do yourself a favor cancel his orders immediately and ban him. This person is the reason why we imposed limits on people who buy from the state of Florida. This con artist theif will buy items from your online store and the second he gets the item will file immediate disptues claiming non receipt of merchandise. The second he looses the dispute he will waste no time into filing another dispute claiming the same lie as he did in the beginning. This scam artist will purposely avoid any direct communciation. Your only method is to take this theif to court and sue him and have him arrested. When you do a background check on this scam artist, you'll see that he has multiple address and PO Boxes running up and down the coast of Brandon. This theif bought a bunch of keyboards from us and played the typical scam of making falsifed claims that he didnt get the item despite the tracking shows he was in possession of the items prior to the disputes. What he does is a classic scam of obtaining the product in his possession and then purposely lying to his credit card company to steal the item. When he looses, he wil just start the process all over again and try to force you into preattribation. Just sue this theif like we are beause he neees to know what conseques of petty larceny.

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