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Philadelphia Nanny Network, Inc.

Country United States
State Pennsylvania
City Ardmore
Address 10 E Athens Ave #214
Phone 1 610-645-6550

Philadelphia Nanny Network, Inc. Reviews

  • Oct 3, 2020

This firm including Wendy S and Jenna H are sharks and send unverified invoices, add in absurd 'service fees' and threaten you with collections immediately if you dispute the bill.

Some background: The Philadelphia Nanny Network (aka: PNN, claims to be a premier nanny placement agency. However, they do not employ the nanny, you do! They further disclaim any and all liability about the nanny and makes no guarantees about the background check they claim to do and that it's the clients job to verify all the information.

So what do they do exactly? They make an introduction to a nanny. And for that the expect to be paid a fee. Fair enough. There is some value to an introduction and a one time fee would make sense. But this is where they go off the rails.

Wendy and Jenna beleive they are owed a $24 per day fee, in perpetuity, for the rest of your life and the rest of the nannies life! So if you use a nanny for a few days and then don't use the nanny again for 10 years, they absurdly claim that you will owe them a fee for an introduction 10 years prior!? LAUGHABLE!

Adding to their absurd claims are that if this nanny were to somehow meet another family while they are visiting your home, and that new family hires this nanny for a job...that YOU and the other family will owe them a per day fee and penalities!

But remember, this nanny is YOUR employee, not theirs. And this nanny is also not exclusive to them! You can find the same nannies on or other nanny agencies. In fact, you can even find the nannies on LinkedIn connected to them and other organizations! I'd say that their 'introductions' are hardly a trade secret!

This business model is a complete joke... But what's even more appalling is their business practices.

In my case they received a letter from a nanny with my wifes name on it. I did not write the letter, and I did not send the letter to them. And on that basis, they are claiming the nanny worked for me (she did not) for 80 days during COVID and sent me a bill for $2000. I immediately disputed this with them. The nanny did not work for us on the days they claim and furthermore they cannot even prove if the nanny was in the city during the days they claim!

Their response, "here's a $750 additional fee, and we're going to send it to collections if you don't pay EOD"

These business practices of sending fraudlent invoices and threatening collections if you don't immediately pay are disgusting and appalling. No one needs to use this service, save yourself the hassle and find your nanny elsewhere!

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