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Phenix City Attorney

Country United States
State Alabama
City Phenix City
Address 601 12th St

Phenix City Attorney Reviews

  • Dec 4, 2020

I am still very angered about the way I was treated. I/we were the ones harassed by our neighbors who started screaming & calling me the B word to the top of their lungs. But this married couple had some gall to whine to the police chief. They are demented Schizoaffective criminal psychos so are the police. What they did to me was illegal!

My civil rights were violated and they know they wronged me. But I wasn't allowed to sue for damages or risk this going to trial and be being put in jail over a lie. I have a right to be angry bitter & disgruntled! This was a dark point in my life when I was unemployed due to being hurt on the job & being put through this nightmare.

The city clerk's office has a sign that little kids know it's wrong to hurt people. Well, they're the ones who are hurting people like how they did me. The corruption has never left phenix city. Then they have some nerve to get mad if you complain about what they did to you.

Why don't the city clerk take their own advice & stop hurting people? They hurt me and my family while letting these wells fargo managers falsely accuse me & refuse to let me file charges against them. They caused me a whole bunch of problems for no reason.

They're the ones who need to go to jail for lying & the cops too. They all should lose their life, for how they took my life & sanity away. The police cater to local businesses also. They can lie about a customer & the police will side with them and banned the customer from the store.

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