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Petty's Garage

Country United States
State North Carolina
City Randleman
Address 311 Branson Mill Rd
Phone 336-498-3745

Petty's Garage Reviews

  • Feb 15, 2018

Paint job

The way I see it and this is my opinion. If you wanted such a great paint job why didn't you go to maaco. They guarantee all there work. Richard Petty's garage is for professional race cars. Not some flip flop body shop

  • Jan 17, 2017

Many of you have heard of Petty's Garage (Randleman, NC) as they have received lots of media coverage due to the shop being owned by Richard Petty (i.e., the King of NASCAR). Opening in June 2008, they advertise themselves as a high performance speed shop but also offer other services including show quality paint and body work.

One would assume, due primarily to the reputation of Richard Petty, that the shop would exhibit the highest level of quality and integrity when working on customer's vehicles and in dealing with their customers. I learned the hard way that is not the way Petty's Garage operates.

I hired Petty's Garage to put a show quality paint job on my 1967 Corvette coupe in the Fall of 2008. My car was in Petty's shop for 7 months where it was totally disassembled prior to painting and changing the color of the interior. After being returned to my residence, the paint began blistering within the first month. As time passed there were numerous other failures of various types that appeared over the entire body of the car. Every panel had a failure of some type.

Petty's retrieved my car and told me they would completely strip the failed paint from the body and provide a show quality repaint, per the original agreement, and at no cost to me under the existing BASF/Petty's Garage unlimited lifetime warranty issued in 2008. Over time, Petty's management repeatedly asked that I "work with them" by allowing other client's cars to be scheduled ahead of mine which I agreed to do as I trusted they would ultimately do what they promised. My vehicle sat in their shop for 3 1/2 years awaiting repair when, without any advance notice, they informed me that they would not repair the car unless I paid them an additional $10,400. At this time they also changed their paint warranty to no more than 90 days where it had been an unlimited lifetime warranty. In August 2016, I was informed by their CEO that they no longer offer a warranty of any type on their paint jobs.

Petty's management claimed that I paid only a fraction of the true amount and denied they agreed to provide a total repair at no cost. They also claimed they didn't have to repair my car because the statute of limitations had expired even though the car was under their control, under warranty, and in their shop the entire time.

In response to a complaint I filed with the N.C. Department of Justice (File # 1504396), Petty's attorney has even fraudulently claimed that I originally asked for a cheap and simple paint job. Seven months of work, the car was totally disassembled and reassembled inside and out, a fiberglass panel was replaced (subcontracted) at a labor cost of $1,600 and the car was painted/buffed (the front of the Corvette was painted twice) and they claim I paid only $5,500. In the Fall of 2012 when I removed my car from Petty's shop they were quoting $15,000 as a beginning price for a paint job such as mine.

Petty's management also claimed in a 2012 legal document, sworn to be true and accurate, that they had no current contact information for the operations manager responsible for painting my vehicle in 2008. He had been terminated by Petty's Garage in 2010. The operations manager, in fact, is part of the Petty family as his son is married to Richard Petty's granddaughter and he could have easily been contacted if desired.

Over the past 4+ years, Petty's management has fabricated every excuse possible in an attempt to avoid responsibility and distance themselves from the failed paint. They even claimed that the subcontractor they hired to perform the panel replacement was not their subcontractor but one I requested. I had no prior knowledge of the subcontractor and even required directions from Petty's shop in order to visit his shop. The subcontractor is located less than a mile from the Petty's Garage facility and the owner informed me later that he had performed work for the Petty's previously.

Ultimately Petty's Garage walked away from repairing my car after informing me that it would cost them too much to completely strip and repaint the car even though the Corvette continues to be covered by their lifetime warranty issued in 2008. In addition to no longer offering a warranty on their paint jobs, I have found no evidence they offer a warranty on any other work performed in their shop. A true "take your money and run" operation.

A recent quote from a reputable body shop in this area estimated over $26,000 in damage caused by Petty's Garage to my vehicle.

I have been involved in the classic car hobby for over 50 years and I have never encountered a shop as deeply dishonest as Petty's Garage. Along with ignoring responsibility for their poor quality work, they have displayed absolutely zero integrity during the numerous attempts I've made to get my vehicle repaired, preferring to fabricate lies and "play games" instead.

Petty's Garage is managed by Richard Petty's daughter, Rebecca (Petty) Moffitt.

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