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Petrillo's Italian Eatery

Country United States
State Florida
City Indialantic
Address 960 N Highway A1A
Phone 3219536888

Petrillo's Italian Eatery Reviews

  • Jan 12, 2020

OK so I went to eat here on date I had, when I was in college I would eat here sometimes, a long time ago, my date lives in Melbourne, so that is why I chose this place. However it was a terrible experience, I will never go back, also one of their employees at the bar tried to commit criminal fraud against me.

I have had many problems with people trying to commit fraud against me by lying about me being married and lying about me having children. The employees at this place tried to help. People have been slandering me as being an alcoholic also, but actually I have never been an alcoholic any time in my life! I do not drink much alcohol now that I am older, I have a beer sometimes, but not very often.

Anyways while I was sitting at the bar waiting for my date, I ordered an unsweet tea. While there, a woman at the bar opens up a bottle of wine and pours it in a glass, then puts it on the bar in front of me, even though I already had a drink, an unsweet tea, that I was drinking. I did not think much about it because I was waiting on my date to arrive, and was paying attention to my phone for texts from my date. Then when she did arrive we went and sat at a table. I never touched the glass of wine.

Sitting at the table, I ordered another unsweet tea, not wine, not beer, and I ordered the Tortellini, and garlic bread. It took forever for the food to arrive, but that was ok, it gave me time to talk to my date. However, I was really disappointed by the Garlic Bread, it was just generic walmart bread rolls with not much garlic, normally garlic bread is supposed to be slices from a loaf of italian bread, with butter and garlic on each slice, and then toasted in an oven. But really it was just generic walmart bread rolls, not italian bread slices, and not toasted. This was actually kind of an insult to serve in a supposedly Italian eatery.

So, I have never been an alcoholic, but say that I was, would that not be a vile and evil thing for the woman at the bar to do to someone who is an alcoholic? To help people commit theft and fraud against one of their customers?

Also, the restaurant is very noisy, not quiet at all. So, DO NOT EAT HERE! It is a waste of money, the food is not very good, and the employees will try to commit criminal fraud against you! Also making a complaint with Indialantic police as well.

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