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Petite Porkers

Country United States
State Texas
City Waller
Address 32525 Knebel Rd.
Phone 832-891-8420

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  • Oct 30, 2015

Petite Porkers are liars! she says she has been raising pigs 17 years...well NOT!! look at her oldest pics, she begain in Oct 2011. before that she was running a puppy mill named Big Block Kennels. her real name is Lovadee Ann Shoults, marriage proof below. her husband goes by Everett Cobbin...they both ran the puppy mill and even were arreted in 2009 for forging health papers on sick animals. just google Ann or Everett Patton in teh rip off search bar and it will bring up about 8 people who they scammed several years ago. Too much heat was on her so she started using the name MAGGIE GATLIN and opened the website

note that all of her business license still say Lovadee Shoults...she is hiding behind aliases to hide her nasty, shady, guess is these pigs aren't really hers, she claims the farm she gets them from is her grandparents, and her parents live 20 miles away...think again, her whole family is on facebook adn she is from Indiana.

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